How to be Your Own Muse


This morning while I was gathering inspiration and checking in on The Ahimsa Project, I watched my own video. I partially watched the video because I knew I needed to quadrupely check on my product, but also because I needed a little inspiration and uplifting of my own.

It got me thinking: do YOU inspire yourself?

My friend Alicia Mathewson is a singer & songwriter. A friend of ours “caught her” listening to herself in the car last year and Alicia’s response was priceless: “I need to inspire myself as well! Why wouldn’t I?” She couldn’t be any more correct!

Perhaps you aren’t a singer or an artist who can gaze at their own paintings or listen to their melodies, but I bet you have pieces of yourself hidden within that will help you to reignite your passions and open the doors to LOVE and encouragement. Isn’t it time you also became your own muse?

What would life look like if you started to believe in yourself and “drink your own kool-aid?”

It may look like this:

  • You actually make something on your pinterest board
  • Better yet: you actually go out and shop with your pinterest board on your iPad as inspiration!
  • You create or purchase a piece of art that makes you feel giddy inside – JUST because!
  • You surround yourself with beautiful things. Not to be materialistic but to create a loving, kind and inspirational environment. More bamboo plants, or cozy blankets. Great tea mugs and beautiful sweaters that will make you want to go OUT!
  • You finally put on that dress in the back of your closet and go somewhere with it. You know, the one with the TAGS still on it from last year? It’s still in season and I bet you’ll look HOT in it – go find a place to wear it out.
  • You take yourself on a date. Or grab an amazing friend or loved one to go with you.
  • You meditate and LISTEN when the wisdom arrives. No more pushing aside emotions….let them flood in.
  • Listen to a TED talk – or create your own via your cell phone audio recorder!

These are just a few simple ideas of what it would mean to be your own muse! I would LOVE to hear from you now. In the comments below please leave a comment on how you could become your own muse, or how you already have.

Questions like these are things we discuss in The Ahimsa Project. I’m running the third round in February which you wouldn’t want to miss. Sign up for my newsletter {on the right hand side} if you’re interested in learning more in the coming months.

Sending you love, light & MUSE-like inspiration!
Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle.

7 thoughts on “How to be Your Own Muse

  1. Auset


    Not only do I listen to my own music sometimes, I often like to look through my photographs. They keep me inspired and remind me that I am creative and talented 🙂 Love this perspective!!!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Love it!! Your music is beautiful and I’m so excited that you listen to yourself and look at your own photographs. How wonderful. <3

  2. april

    rereading my journals. i pour my heart and soul into them, and i love reminding myself of truly wonderful times, of my strength and perseverance through difficult periods, and of creative ideas that may still be possibilities. nice post, jenny.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks April! I love that!!!

      I had a burning party a few years ago, and almost wish I hadn’t in a way. They were some hate journals (as well as a few college/high school regular drama journals) and part of me wishes I didn’t let them go so I could see how far I’ve come. The other part of me is so glad I did because it was words past and now I’m able to write in a much clearer direction.

      So glad you are able to re-read your own and find comfort and inspiration!! 🙂

  3. Sasha

    Yes. I love this and it is so true for me a lot of times. It helps to look back on past creations and see how I’ve actually surpassed my own expectations time and time again. Really helps with releasing doubts and staying present to open to the magic of the creative process.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thank you Sasha! It is so important to look back on our past and see how far we’ve come, but also to be re-inspired by something that we perhaps ‘missed’ because it wasn’t the right time for that creative process to be in our life! 🙂

  4. Kristi {}

    Wonderful post Jenny.

    I totally agree that all too often we take what we have been able to accomplish and almost minimize it. The reality is making change – in business, life, health, or any area of your life is challenging and an uphill battle. Finding little moments to celebrate yourself helps keep the gratitude flowing!

    All the best,


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