How to Bless Your Home

This week during my classes, I worked on the idea of our Home Frequency. Elena Brower put out an amazing mini-article in her newsletter last week that reminded me of why I started the Shala and it resonated on an even deeper level as it was the first weekend of teacher training. It took me to the idea of creating not only a life we love in terms of jobs and people who surround us but also where we live.

Creating a home is something I have been working on since my husband and I got married. Even in our first apartment on the Cape, I created a pantry out of a closet in our living room with shelves from target and a shower curtain. I added candles and a lot of loving energy in this teeny tiny space of ours and tried like hell to make it feel like home. When we moved into our first house I went to work immediately, buying pillows and fixing light fixtures to create the exact atmosphere I wanted around me.

How to Create Blessings in Your Home

But creating a home isn’t just about pillows and candles, it’s about the love, energy and blessings.

When we first move into a new space, I always make sure to do a handful of things in order to make the space ours. This is before the furniture arrives and prior to any unpacking of my dishes and pillows. Using sage or incense, I walk around my new space chanting Om Gum Ganapati Namaha. This chant to Ganesha is to ask him to bless our home as he is the remover of obstacles and the protector of the home. Sage and incense help to clear any pre-existing owner vibes from the space and allow clear, pure energy to radiate in your home.

There are many little things you can add to your home in order to create pure energy (even if you’ve lived there for a long time, you can clear the energy using these ideas & items).

  • Chanting — Om Gum Ganapati Namaha is one of my favorites as it’s the chant to the protector of the home (Ganesha) as well as a way to remove obstacles. However you could use any words you feel good about. Perhaps you’re manifesting having a baby in your home and think about fertility while blessing your home, or maybe you’d like to create your forever home by thinking of love & stability or perhaps you’d like to regenerate those feel good vibes.
  • Crystals – Amethyst is a great crystal for protection, while black tourmaline is great for grounding. I prefer having my amethyst crystals on my altar and the more grounding crystals closer to the doorway of my home. Start looking into the meanings of different crystals and placing them in various places throughout your home. Another favorite of mine? Rose quartz under our bedroom pillows.

How to Create Blessings in Your Home

  • Ganesha – Ganesha is the protector of the home and the perfect guide to have around for blessing your home. You can use anything or anyone if Ganesha isn’t who you picture protecting you or blessing your home. I love placing photos of my family anywhere and everywhere around my home to really enhance my blessings and add LOVE.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp – Salt lamps are an amazing way to bring negative ions back into your home. Positive ions (such as electronics: computers, TVs etc) are great for our work and social life, however we need negative ions (nature, waterfalls, trees etc) to ground us back down. Salt lamps do just that and help to neutralize your home environment.
  • Mini Altars – Instead of doing one big altar in my home, I have a handful of smaller ones strewn about my house. I have a bigger one in the kitchen that holds my tarot cards, a diffuser and a handful of my favorite crystals. A few smaller ones hold crystals, flowers and photos of people I love, sitting next to Gods and Goddesses.

How to Create Blessings in Your Home

  • Diffusing Essential Oils – Oils are HUGE in our house and this year I plan on creating a few DIY posts for you to create your own unique blends and fun balms/sprays/soaks etc. We diffuse for all sorts of reasons and it definitely enhances the love & blessings in our home. Orange and tangerine align with the sacral chakra and as such they help with loving vibes. Frankincense is my FAVORITE for blessings. Joy & lemon help lift us up and lavender helps to calm the mind, body & spirit. Everyday I’m able to create a new feel for our home. **If you want to order oils, leave a comment below so I can connect with you!**
  • Sage & Incense – GREAT tools for blessings or clearing the energy in any space, including your cubicle at work! Pick up your favorite scents and burn a little bit to release whatever is no longer serving you or your space.
  • Close the toilet seat – This is a silly Feng Shui concept I learned recently, but keeping the toilet seat closed helps to prevent our dreams, good vibes and love from flushing down the toilet. (Makes sense to me and a good reminder to close the seat).
  • Art with Meaning – I have a few reiki inspired pieces of art in my home sprinkled in with photos of my family and art that inspires and uplifts me on a daily basis. Evolving Light is my favorite Etsy shop at the moment as she creates customer pieces. I cannot wait to get my superhero, warrior princess, boho love piece in my home this week and know it will amplify my already insanely beautiful home vibes!

How to Create Blessings in Your Home

There are so many more ways to create blessings in your home. Maybe your favorite way is redecorating to create a cleaner or simpler vibe. Perhaps you love a clean and organized home and your blessings come moments after you put away the last Lego in your brand new Container Store containers. Whatever it is, home is the frequency and vibe you create. Discover yours. Create rituals and allow love to fill your home from the inside out. There is no wrong way to bless your home as long as you do so with love in your heart, you’re doing it the right way!

Wishing you a million blessings and lots of love!

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