How to Indulge Without Gaining Weight!

Welcome to week three of the Nama Say Wednesday series!!! Somehow I didn’t upload week two onto the blog, only onto YouTube! Silly holiday season messing with my uploading skills.

The great news is that this leads you to TWO stress series videos today and a FREE meditation below 🙂

Week 2: How to Breathe Through Change!

Week 3: How to Indulge Without Gaining Weight!

As I mentioned in this weeks video, here is the Stress Series Meditation!! By clicking HERE and signing up for my newsletter, you’ll instantly receive my FREE five minute meditation. {If you’re already on the list you got it this morning!!}

Happy Holidays & Namaste,
Get out there — do yoga & make life sparkle!!

2 thoughts on “How to Indulge Without Gaining Weight!

  1. Melanie

    No food babies! Girl you nailed me. I have found taking baby bites rock my taste buds and makes the piece of heave last longer.

    We had Christmas dinner last night and I got to make it. It was healthy, just the amount and delicious. YAY!

    Gonna practice this on holidays over the holidays.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Heheh I’m glad you liked it!! NO FOOD BABIES — they aren’t pretty and they sure as hell don’t feel any good either 🙂 xo


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