How to keep your job but quit your lifestyle

Are you one of those people who looks longingly at other peoples blogs and facebook posts all day long? The type of person who seeks a more positive lifestyle, but just seems stuck? Not to worry. You don’t have to quit your job and join a commune; you just have to make a conscious effort to change your lifestyle.

It is equal parts easy and difficult. We are trained to be very habitual people as a society. When we sit cross-legged or hold hands, we always do so the exact same way. Sometimes in class, I ask my students to sit the non-habitual way. It gives us a moment to change our physical and mental perspective. In doing so a few times a week, we are able to begin to change this pattern. You can do this with any habit: positive or negative. When I drive, for example, I have a tendency to tailgate. My brother taught me a trick to help me with this that I am constantly using. If I see an object, my front end should be there about 2 full seconds after the other persons tail. It makes it easier to be a better driver because I have a point of reference to return to. I need to constantly be in the moment, and breathing – and then I become a better driver.
 The same can be said for anyone, in a variety of different situations. Say you hate your job/boss/workplace. All day long you steam, you do your work and complain all the time on the inside. Lunch hour is a bitch fest and you and your co-workers talk about negativity all day long. This would certainly bring someone down! It is said that we are an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. If this is true and your co-workers only talk in the negative – you may have some rearranging to be done, both mentally and physically.
Try taking lunch outside (if you’re able). Take a walk mid-day to clear your mind. Bring a filofax or your favorite notebook to work with you to record your thoughts, and dreams. It will help to take small breaks during work, as it could re-energize that important document you were working on – by allowing your creativity to be recorded. When you get home, you can then take all those ideas and research them, write about them and continue them on your own time.
As for your negative company, try bringing joy into their lives. Buy a friend that PEACE stone you saw at the store, or a fresh thing of flowers for the main office lobby. Decorate your office with pictures of your friends, family, children, pets and more. Keep mints on your desk to prevent you from venturing over to the vending machine. Suggest a potluck lunch: everyone brings their favorite lunches and then swaps once a week! If this doesn’t help to make their mood brighter, try hanging out with other co-workers – or just ignore their negative comments and call your mom or best friend during lunchtime. While it is easy to get sucked into negativity, it is also easy to overpower it if you bring the right mindset with you to work!
You do not have to quit your job to quit your lifestyle. In fact, if you keep the job you secretly love then you will be making money and creating/living a positive life! In order to keep your job, but quit your negative lifestyle, you are going to have to partake in some fun and relaxation!! Try going to yoga after work, write parts of your novel on break or call a loved one. Make yummy dinners. Grow whatever dream you have, as large as you can. Network. Continue your talent. Educate yourself. Research the field. Talk to everyone you meet about your idea. When you know you are ready, when all your ducks line up in a row, and your talent/blog/other life becomes just as big or bigger than your “real job” you can then quit your job and create a “real job” from your dreams.
It will not be easy. It will be hard. But once you get to where you want to be. Once your dreams become reality and your lifestyle becomes more positive, then you will look back and think, “that wasn’t so hard!” 🙂
May your new year be full of dreams. May you always keep a notebook with you to record those dreams. May 2012 be full of candles, yoga, glitter, love, laughter, light and joy. May you quit the lifestyle that no longer fulfills your needs – and may you find who you are and the path you are on. May you be full of joy.
Get out there!
Do yoga and make life sparkle!!

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