How to run the world

The past few weeks I have expressed my intense desire to create a new word in the English language. As someone who writes daily, expresses gratitude and is always professing love, I wanted so desperately to come up with another word/words for THANK YOU.

While opening my yoga studio, I have been counting every blessing that was sent my way. A crisp $20 found in the parking lot//A heartfelt offer to move my new bench from a complete stranger who lives down the street from the studio (and then left me a handwritten note the following week)//Help from the very kind people at the bank//My AMAZING HUSBAND without whom this studio would never have been possible//My family: for painting, scrapping, designing, building, and decorating…..among loving//Every single friend who wrote words of encouragement on my Facebook wall//The beautiful reviews on Facebook and via email//Handwritten notes of love//A free donut//Beautiful flowers//Naps & permission to rest//Acupuncture from the most talented woman I now have the pleasure of working with (AND she’s my neighbor!!)//Kisses from Apollo & snuggles from Digger//The crystals in my purse that are saving my sanity//Lavender oil//Organic candles//Snack recommendations & Wholefoods//The beautiful, wonderful people from Lululemon who came to support me last week//Sol Bean & Danielle for their amazing, neighborly support and delicious eats//My moms friend Mary Jane for every connection in the neighborhood//Reiki. Love. Joy. Friends. Wine. Laughter.

I have been counting them for weeks and wishing beyond measure that I could find a way to thank you all in jest.

The way I see it, anyone can rule the world with a handful of tricks up their sleeve. The biggest lessons I have learned in business so far are quite simple actually:

Count your blessings and take naps.

how to rule the world, gratitude

These seemingly simple ideas have literally saved my life in the past few weeks. Opening a studio is one of the most amazingly beautiful and difficult things I have ever done.

While each moment has its blessings and its challenges, I have decided that in order to maintain my sanity I needed to count my blessings (which I always do) and I needed to take naps.

Self-love is so much more than indulgence. It’s more than reading spiritual books, reading tarot cards and taking yoga. It’s more than removing technology from your bedroom. It’s more than drinking tea with girlfriends and working on your self-esteem.

Self-love is honoring your body.

I heard an amazing quote a few months ago that said: “HONOR your body. Don’t listen to it, because sometimes our bodies say some silly shit!”

And it’s so true. My body was telling me I needed to GO… to race… to answer every email within seconds and run the world on super greens & cappuccinos.

After reaching out to my amazing business community, I remembered this quote. And now I am honoring my body. I take naps. I count my blessings. And I’m learning to run the world.

Sending you everlasting love & happiness!

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