Hridaya & WHY We Set Intentions

Intention is a powerful thing. It leads us, guides us and pushes us. Much like manifestation, what we think about most often becomes our reality. I have ALWAYS been a happy person, my thoughts combining sunshine, glitter and radiance. I roll out of bed dreaming of a day that includes cuddling, green smoothies and maybe a unicorn spotting. I imagine some people must look at my business and personal Facebook and think to themselves: “Is this girl for real??”

And I am. I come from a place full of love because that is my INTENTION.

This week my intention has come straight from the heart. Hridaya. The hearts space. Heart center. As I opened my studios front doors I also opened my heart to each of you: spilling my guts about business plans, pouring love into sequences and making sure each aspect and detail was as perfect as the universe would allow. I put as much heart (or more) into opening Barefoot Yoga Shala as I have into this blog. I created love and manifested a real yoga studio from this space.

You may be asking yourself what all this glittery goodness has to do with thought… and it’s simple. I put this thought into my mind and made it a reality. THAT is the power of intention.

As I was looking for sequences and rummaging through old papers this week, I found this old photo:

intention, manifesting, goals, goal setting, dreams
My Intention, 2011

My intention was ALWAYS to open my own yoga studio. This piece of paper reminded me that this has been something that I have been working towards for years. Something I have always wanted since the moment I stepped foot into Yoga Moves in 2007 to do my first 30 day challenge. THIS has been my intention and I am so grateful to each of you who pushed me along on this path, for those of you who created obstacles and those who supported me.

I’m here to remind you that intentions are a POWERFUL thing. Open your heart, look for the signs and hold on to your hearts desire, your hridaya, your intention.

This week I have said it over and over again: I wish there were more words for thank you in the English language… but alas there are not: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. For being a wonderful reader, friend and loved one. For pushing me. For keeping me on the path. And for always reminding me that my Shala was waiting.

peace, elephant, plants, bys, barefoot yoga shala, love
My Peace Elephant

Sending you deep love & appreciation!

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