I CHOOSE Forgiveness: Do You?


I’m sitting here this nice Saturday morning drinking a delicious cup of Indian coffee and watching my puppy stare out the window. All I can think of is gratitude for my beautiful life. The birds are singing in the back ground, the first buds of spring are arriving outside and my plans for the day include practicing yoga and going for a walk on the beach with my loved ones.


I feel so grateful and blessed.


But life is not always so calm. There are moments of terror and this past week I have experienced quite a few. Many of the people I work with and my friends and family view me as being happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some friends have actually told me that my view of life is unrealistic, that people are actually cruel and the world is falling apart.


I refuse to believe it. I CHOOSE to see happiness. I CHOOSE to see love and miracles. And I choose to be a better person everyday. I strive to make sure my family & I are happy and healthy as often as we are able.


Does that mean every moment of my day is full of joy? No it does not. My cousin’s good friend was Officer Sean Collier, last week Karthik & I were taken advantage of and the world I know was thrown out of balance and things seemed very unfair.


But instead of living in fear and instead of choosing to see the world as evil, I choose to see the world as a good place and full of miracles as well as a few mistakes. I wish to God that we didn’t have to see our friends and family experiencing fear from the bombings. I wish I didn’t wake up from nightmares of being attacked by grizzly bears. But these things make me want to work harder on being a better person and helping others be kind.


I believe in goodness: plain and simple. I want to help heal others, however I am able.


A friend of mine told me I shouldn’t be naive. People will talk about me behind my back no matter how kind I am or how good I am to them. I was told not to buy them birthday cupcakes because they did not reciprocate on my birthday – but I did it anyway.


I bought the cupcakes and I will always ask them if they need anything while I’m walking out the door. I ask people if they need help or advice. I put myself out there any chance I get to help other people and sometimes (often) I am taken advantage of….but here’s the thing: I’m not going to stop helping them.


People need help and they will often not admit it. When you steal, you need help. And instead of being angry and upset, my first question is: why didn’t you ask me in the first place? Why did you let it get to the point of stealing? I would have given you the money if you needed it.


When you hurt someone, my question will always be: do YOU need a hug? Why did you hurt them? What happened to you that made you so angry that you would hurt another person?


I know I am not supposed to feel badly for thieves and bombers. I know I am not supposed to buy birthday cupcakes for people who forgot about my birthday. I know I am being naive when I want to help but you will not stop me.


There are good people in this world and I am spending my time and energy with them to help heal the world. To help us understand that the world is so much more than a 19 year old who’s mind was warped into thinking about murder. SO much more than people who steal and take advantage of others. SOOOOOOOOO much more than those who hurt, take advantage, talk behind your back and forget about forgiveness.


I’m not saying we need to forgive these people quite yet, but I am saying we should look at all the views and angles. I am saying we need to not lose hope. There are good people in the world who make mistakes. There are great people in this world who look for miracles.


Be a great person today. Look for a miracle. Help another person. Buy flowers for your next door neighbor who is a shut in. Pick up another person’s dog poop on the beach if you have an extra baggie. Do something kind today to remind yourself that there is good in the world.


It starts with YOU.

Be grateful. Be kind. Be love.


Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,



5 thoughts on “I CHOOSE Forgiveness: Do You?

  1. april

    what a beautiful and thoughtful post, jenny. i am a firm believer in positive thinking, but i am currently struggling with my own attempts at forgiveness. i must say – these first steps have been difficult, but i am a much happier person inside for the effort. thank you.

  2. Jenny R Post author

    Thanks for your input April 🙂 It is always so much easier to be a happier person on the inside and allow ourselves to live a life with less struggle.


  3. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    Jenny, what a beautiful post, stemmed from that infinite source of LOVE that you are so clearly connected to!

    My life’s mantra is Choose Love Now, and from the words you’ve written, it’s clearly one that you already understand deeply.

  4. Alma

    What a great post, we need more people to see the bright side of things. I am so lucky to know you personally, You have a beautiful spirit, I thank the universe for bringing me to your studio, and having this experience in my life. I wish you and your family all the best, you are a wonderful person inside and out. Today I was looking at my facebook feed and I saw that someone shared a post about Mother Teresa, Forgive anyway, Be kind anyway, Be happy anyway, Do good anyway, Give your best anyway, In the end, it is between you and God It was never between you and them.
    Thank you Jenny for spreading this positive energy into the world.



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