I Want to go to Yoga, Now What?

Gucci. Prada. Versace. Michael Kors.
Brand names make a statement. They prove status, wealth and popularity. Even if yoga we find brand names and a need for ego & status. LululemonPranaLucy. Hardtail. Which brings about my all time favorite beginner question: “what do I wear to a yoga class”?
I would be lying if I said I don’t have a favorite company in mind, but I would also be lying if I said there are no good clothes without brand names. As a former lululemon employee, I stand behind their clothes AND their manifesto. Their least expensive shirt is actually my favorite and I have it in a few colors (but could always use more – hint, hint!). I love the feel, the fit, the movement and the wicking capabilities. However, “least” expensive is $42 and for anyone on a tight budget, that isn’t a bargain! Don’t fret – there are plenty of other places for any yogi to find clothes that are just as great.
For those of you who are new to yoga – and perhaps joining Journey to Hope due to financial strain or a desire for a tighter community – I have plenty of suggestions!

I will start with men, as they always seem to get the short end of the stick in the yoga clothes department. As a woman, there are a few nagging things I would like to point out first.
2)    I am here to practice, not to look at your sweaty body and be distracted by unmentionables as you roll around on your yoga mat.
With that said, I have some suggestions for you so that you are able to practice yoga comfortably without providing distractions to yourself and others.
Shirts: Buy plain cotton T-shirts. Typically, this is plenty to absorb sweat in power yoga and enough to keep you warm in a gentle hatha class. Only girls wear tank tops – please do not wear one.
Pants: Cotton pants are fine for a gentle class. Do not wear pajamas or fleece. Even in a gentle class you will be too hot and sweaty.
Shorts: For a power class you are going to want to wear shorts. Wear spandex biker shorts to “hold yourself together” On top of those, wear loose gym shorts. It looks put together, absorbs sweat and will be comfortable.
Women – we are so easy! Cotton short sleeve tops. Spandex, acrylic, or cotton tank tops. Stretchy yoga pants. Biker shorts. The possibilities are endless.
I suggest TJ Maxx and Marshalls for most body types and ages. Kohls is great, especially if you are top heavy or over a certain age – they have many higher cut tops! If you’re in mid price range, some of Victoria’s Secret collection can be fun as well.
My tips and suggestions will be more important to you than an actual outfit!
1)    Do NOT wear perfume!
2)    Don’t wear dangling jewelry! Necklaces and earrings often get caught in yoga clothes.
3)    It is not a fashion contest. Be comfortable. Wear clothes that you can move in.
4)    Do not wear low cut tops. Those are for vertical fitness, not yoga!
5)    No socks in class (this goes for men as well)!
6)    Headbands, clips and elastic bands are miracle workers. We flip upside down in class, so make sure you bring something to control your locks!
Outfit - Victoria's SecretOutfit – Victoria’s Secret
Bring water, a towel and a mat. (Journey to Hope provides mats, blocks & straps in every class). Most importantly, however, bring a smile and your physical body. With any luck, by the end of class, your mental and spiritual body will be aligned and you’ll have looser hamstrings!
Get out there! Do yoga & make life sparkle!

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