India…. The Mother Land

It hasn’t even been a week since I have been sleeping in the comfort of my own bed, and yet I feel as though a lifetime has passed since my bare feet were touching the mother land.

Traveling to India broke open my heart and my soul. It tore me into beautiful pieces and showed me exactly what I needed to see. I promise my dear yogis, I’m writing as quickly as I can and placing pen to paper, fingers to keyboard in order to tell you the tales and the stories. Piece by piece it will arrive.










While I was away my writing was out for the world to see as a few more published articles made their way into cyberspace! You can check them out below.

I’ll be writing on my own website soon yogis…. stay tuned for stories and adventures to come.



From ActiveWear USA:

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From Tiny Devotions

I am Open {the sacral chakra}

Let the Universe Guide You {the crown chakra}

I am Love {the heart chakra}

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