Inspiration… and checking in on our goals!

While I was taking a bath the other day, with my LUSH products, I saw this brilliant color. A blue and purple color within the bubble that had a hint of green. I began thinking that inspiration can be found anywhere – even in the corner of a bath bubble!
Although I am not an artist by nature, I do love & appreciate the art around me. I understand how easy it is to find inspiration when we are open and aware of our surroundings. As a yogi, I have truly begun to open to any and all new experiences and have begun to embrace the new. Even if the situation brings up fear, I try to embrace my feelings around the newness, and walk through that fear. After all, the best way out is through!
This past month, I have been inspired all over the place. I can see the shape and future of Journey to Hope and couldn’t be any more thrilled about our progress, our programs and what we are going to be offering in the coming year. If you are interested, I hope that you would sign up for our teacher training orientation – as we need to grow in numbers if we are to expand our thoughts, ideas & locations! 
The new ideas I have lately have inspired me to try many new things.
  • I am going to begin teaching stand up paddleboard lessons and paddleboard yoga this summer!
  • I am going to run a 5k in July. Color Me Rad. I have not run. Ever. I do not like running. But because of this, I have decided that I need to get over my fear and my emotional block of “hating” running, and just do it. I started my couch to 5k program on Monday and have “run” twice. My time improved and I felt a little bit better on the second attempt. I won’t say that I love it yet, but I will complete my own challenge of running a 5K this summer.
  • I am in the beginning stages of planning a yogathon for Journey to Hope in the spring of 2013. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I am already excited and VERY inspired by the amazing men and women I work with and practice with each week. I cannot wait to give you all a full set of details when we are ready to launch!
  • I have actually been watching T.V. lately. We don’t watch a ton of T.V. in our house (aside from Grey’s Anatomy & Once Upon a Time), but when I help hubby in the office, the T.V. is on! I love the Nate Show (which is being canceled!) and Rachel Ray. I have been inspired by new recipes and trying to find new design ideas for our home. 
All of this inspiration has got me thinking back to January when I was setting my goals for the year. I try to set goals and ideas each year, and this is the perfect time to check in on my accomplishments thus far.
As I am the judge of what I have and have not accomplished, I can decided whether or not I am attaining these goals. In my mind, I wish I were doing better on my health goals. While I have cut out cola, and worked out much more often, I still feel like my eating isn’t in balance… so that is something I would like to work on in the coming months. I did, however, accomplish a good amount of my goals: planned a huge summer fundraiser for Journey to Hope, tried something that scared me (trapeze), and went to the National Seashore. I am getting very excited for summertime, when I can begin to incorporate more of my goals and ideas (things that, in Cape Cod, are only open May – September)!
I hope you are all able to work on and check in on your own goals and accomplishments! Have you set goals yet? If not, read this post, which tells you all about how I set my own goals, and might give you some of your own needed inspiration.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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