Is it confident or conceited?



think know I am beautiful. Some days when I am wearing the PERFECT fall outfit and a rocking pair of jeans that show my curves, I feel like a Goddess.

How did you feel reading that? What was your first thought?

“Wow. She has come such a long way with self-love and acceptance.”


“What a conceited bitch. Who is she to think or know she is beautiful?”

There are two wildly different approaches here: acceptance & conceit. Trust me when I say this: I DO NOT walk around thinking about how great I am, I walk around thinking how GRATEFUL I am every day.

It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that I am beautiful inside and out. It takes strength to say out loud that I feel sassy and sexy. There are still days just like any other when I absolutely do not feel that way, but when I do I want to say it out loud!

My mom and I were having this conversation the other day when I was admiring myself in the mirror at Marshall’s. She laughed and asked me why I would say such a thing out loud. After a little discussion, I explained to her that it was my confidence and not my conceit that was carrying me through that conversation. I was admiring what I had on the outside and praising myself on the inside for being able to say it out loud. There is a difference between confidence and conceit…. and I want YOU to shine and be confident.

When I feel beautiful I want the world to know it… and I want YOU to tell YOUR world as well! I do not think it should be taboo to exclaim you feel beautiful or sassy or sexy. I think we need to embrace and accept ourselves. We need to change our conversation and love one another so deeply as a society that we will not judge someone for acknowledging their own beauty.

It’s time WE joined the self-love revolution.

I couldn’t be happier to have you here!!

In the comments below, leave me a boost of your own SASSY confidence. Tell me why you feel beautiful today!!

Sending love & sass!

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