Ishvara Pradihana – I am Spiritual
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I woke up today and realized I’m a spiritual person.

It has actually taken me a long time to get to this moment and say it out loud and own it. I have always been religious. I love church and have an amazing church family in my hometown. I was the secretary of my youth group and love the feeling I get when I hear the stories of goodness and truth while being surrounded by friends.

When I got to college, I took a Judaic studies class. I’m a Christian by birth, a protestant and a Congregationalist. But I have always had an interest in what it meant to be spiritual. I took the Judaic studies class to learn more about our history and another form of religion. I took it to understand that spirituality is in all of us, no matter which God you turn to. My minister, upon speaking to my husband and I about our different backgrounds said: “It doesn’t matter who you believe in. They all point north. They all believe in goodness and love.”

My husband is a mixture of religions: catholic, hindu and a handful of others. He told me that he knows the difference between good and bad. He understands the meaning of truth and he loves helping others. He just doesn’t love church. He will go and enjoy the stories but doesn’t enjoy the necessity of bringing your heart into a specific location to pray.

I am a mixture of my own form of religion. I will tell people I am Christian, as I love going to my home church and being with my family. But I would be a liar if I didn’t also mention that I pray to Ganesh to help me remove obstacles. Or to Tara to help me become more brave. Or to the God that I know in my heart and in my own description and words and feelings. Or when I meditate and listen to the universal wisdom that is passed down upon me.

As I was getting my tarot cards read yesterday, I realized that I am a spiritual person. I love listening to my heart and to the wisdom around me. I love energy and learning about my chakras. I want to know more about reiki and crystal bowls. I get my tarot cards read. I believe in creating your own destiny but also believe in following the path that the universe provides.

Ishvara Pradihana means the belief in God or the universe. It means that whatever happens is supposed to happen and it will guide you to where you are supposed to be.  In plain English: if shitty stuff happens, it happens for a reason. Something better is coming. Wait and listen.

Ishvara Pradihana is how I strive to live my life.

I came to the realization today that I am much more spiritual than I thought. I love listening to the energy in the universe. I like feeling other people’s energies and always try to keep everyone happy, sparkly and in love with life. I encourage you to listen. Spirituality comes in so many shapes and forms. There needs to be no label. We just need to be kind. If you crave the label, then by all means, please take it. As I mentioned, I love my church. If someone asks me I say that I am a Congregationalist. But if someone inquires and asks more than I will tell them I am spiritual. I love love.

I’m still exploring what spirit means. I’m still researching and learning. Spirit in many ancient languages means breath. So perhaps yoga is exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment. Today however, I am spiritual. I get my tarot cards read. I light incense. I am a modern age, swears’ like a sailor, high heel wearing yogini who loves glitter and God. Today I am spiritual.

What are you? J

What is YOUR take on spirituality and God? Do you have a belief system you love? A church who is more like a family? Do you believe in kindness? Do yoga? Love love?

Wherever you fall, know you are loved. Know that someone out there loves you. Be it the universe, God, your mom, your friends or your faithful pet – someone loves you and is watching over you.

Follow your dream. Listen to YOUR spirit and make all your dreams come true.

Get out there, do yoga & make life SPARKLE!


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