January in Review

You go girl!You go girl!

It’s February 2nd. Are you still the first one in the door at yoga? Zumba? Dance? The gym? Pilates?
If you’ve fallen off the wagon, no need to worry – you can always jump back on. January is full of high expectations, new ideas and creativity. February should be full of reflection and integration of what worked.
I finished The Clean Program in the third week of January. I am not going to lie to you, it was hard! By the end of the cleanse, I was dreaming in sourdough and cheddar. But it was an interesting process, one that I would gladly repeat (maybe this summer?). I have noticed how I feel after each meal now that I am eating “off cleanse.” I love bread and I am eating it, but have limited my intake. Sugar is also no longer high on my list. I have been doing a lot of research on healthy sugar-free desserts and yummy & healthy meals that satisfy my cravings, feed myself & the hubby, as well as provide a lot of nutrition. We are going to be back in full force eating more veggies next week & I cannot wait!!
I also finished my 30 day yoga challenge. I really enjoyed being on my mat more often!!! I realized it isn’t a stretch (no pun intended) for me to be on my mat two to three times a week. I am excited to take heed in this new schedule and plan regular yoga classes to attend. Perhaps I can meet friends at yoga & also have a social aspect! It helps me keep in touch with friends, while also encouraging me to actually go.
With what I have learned, I am excited to start this month with a gusto and implement what works best. 
This month I have also: taken a grant writing course, hired a LAWYER, pierced my nose, got a pink feather in my hair, found the national seashore, had my cousins over for a visit, redecorated our home, taught a few benefit classes, taught my first few “rock your asana” workshops, taught a girls empowerment workshop to middle school girls and gone on some wonderful dates with hubby!!
What has your January looked like? How has your 2012 started??
*Please remember that I am still taking questions for my up coming newbie yoga article!*
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!!

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