January in Review

Does anyone else feel as though January flew by? I feel as though everything slipped very quickly! I kept up with my vegetarian diet 5 out of 7 days per week and the 30 day yoga challenge, although it was definitely a challenge to be on my mat all the time.

I am both proud and disappointed in myself as for my yoga challenge. I’m proud of myself because I truly embraced the practice, I introduced meditation into my daily routine and I reconnected to myself and my mat. I am disappointed because there were a few days that I had to take off. Being sick for over a week made this challenge a real challenge, but I arrived on my mat MOST days and at my meditation altar ALL days. I wish I had more time in the studio then in a home practice, but yoga was always on my mind and I truly did reconnect to my practice!

During the challenge I discovered many things, Kundalini yoga being the first and most exciting! I challenged myself to a slower practice during this challenge and to be open to new and different styles of yoga. Kundalini sure is different from vinyassa, but so far I am feeling a deep connection to this particular practice and an even deeper connection to my practice overall. I am planning on writing a longer piece once I have come to terms with some of my feelings on Kundalini but I feel as though this is the beginning of a nice, long relationship with a new style of yoga.

I have also discovered that I do not need meat in my diet. Occasionally I enjoy it (seafood now more than anything else) but my body feels so much more alive while eating more fruits and veggies. Karthik & I have fallen in love with veggie burgers and are making this 5 out of 7 days a week vegetarian experiment a whole heck of a lot of fun by trying new things! This is why I am so excited to take the YU Challenge in February. I believe I am ready and as I just received Crazy, Sexy Kitchen as a belated birthday gift, I couldn’t be more excited!

Challenges aside, I feel much better this month. I am 5 pounds lighter, feel brighter and can feel spring trying to sneak in (snow is coming tomorrow, but today it’s 50 degrees)! I am excited to bring my challenges with me to Texas next week for our work conference and to unroll my mat late at night and practice in the hotel with a good friend/co-worker. I’m excited to meditate even while traveling. I am super blessed and excited that my hubby supports me in these challenges and is learning to cook by making me super delicious veggie burgers!!

Although I had a few slip ups this month, I feel more connected to my practice than I have in months. I have a goal in mind for yoga in February which I will share with you in a few weeks and have been keeping up with writing, blogging, yoga-ing and cuddling! I have a BIG beautiful surprise in the months to come and am loving all of my post-it note affirmations, calendars, iphone notes & highlighters that are helping my dreams come true. I love that within my schedule I post yoga, date nights & delicious, healthy meal plans!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!
Life a fabulous life that YOU create.


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