June Ambassador: Judy Sinclair

Woooo hooo!!! It’s September and I’m finally writing to you about our OMazing June Yoga Ambassador: Judy Sinclair. Judy is such a gift and how fitting is it that I’m writing to you about her on the 1st of September, the official start of National Yoga Month.

I have been blessed to have Judy in class these last few months and have gotten a chance to get to know her better through our yoga ambassador program and on the mat. She came to me explaining her severe vertigo and within a few months was doing headstands on my studio floor. She’s progressed in her asana practice so much and I am in awe of her as she does so.

Not only does she have an incredible asana practice, but more importantly she has an incredible heart and practices yoga off the mat daily. She is a nurse who is obtaining her nurse practitioner degree and certification. Her wisdom shines through in her job as she brings her holistic and loving nature to her patients and co-workers while working overnights. She then rushes to get to our early morning classes in order to restore her own mind after giving so much to those around her.

As I said: she’s a gift!

Let’s dive in and learn more about her:


How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have done yoga in the past but I have only been regularly practicing since January 2016.

Why did you choose barefoot yoga shala?

A friend who is a yoga instructor recommended Barefoot Yoga Shala. Taking up yoga for me has been life changing. I feel so much more energized and centered. I took up yoga at this point with the specific goal of improving my balance after a two year period of vertigo that negatively affected my balance and overall energy levels.

What’s your favorite pose?

My favorite pose is any pose I have been able to achieve that, at first, seemed impossible. But seriously my favorite poses are probably headstands and wheel because it taps into my inner child. I remember doing these as a child when I was much more flexible than I am now.


What would you tell your pre-yogi self?

I would tell my pre yogi self that yoga is for every body and provides so much more for the mind, body and spirit than any other form of exercise I have done before.

What’s your favorite quote?

I love quotes and I have many favorites, here is one of my favorites:

“Life is short and we do not have too much time with those who travel the way with us, so be swift to love and make haste to be kind.” — Henry Amiel

Tell us two fun facts about yourself.

First let me say that I am a late bloomer I guess and I believe it is never too late to learn something new. I learned to play my first musical instrument at the age of 45. I was going through a tough time in my personal life and a focus on music provided much solace to me. Also, after raising my three children and putting them through college I am working on my third degree since entering my mid 40’s. I am currently taking classes to become a nurse practitioner and would love to work in primary care.

Goodness I love her and I hope you do too!!

I bow to you Judy for sharing your story on the blog and am sending you a million good vibes and happy thoughts.

Get out there – do yoga and make life sparkle!

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