Leap of Faith Kit

My lovely yogini’s,

I have decided to create a Leap of Faith Kit for you all. Many of you are reading from afar while others have the opportunity to practice with me on their mat weekly. I appreciate your support from all ends of the earth and couldn’t be more thrilled to begin to spread my joy, and love of yoga to all of you!

Within the Leap of Faith Kit, I have created a mini meditation/yoga starter kit. I have coordinated with some of my amazingly talented friends to bring you this beautiful box of goodies. It includes mala beads, cards, candles and more! I will be including each person’s business card and tags as well so that you can learn about these local artists and purchase more of these goodies on your own if you are interested.

I wanted to create something that would bring you a bit of magic and sparkle to the beginning or middle of your meditation practice. It is NOT easy to sit on your mat or your pillow in silence and listen for the answers. We so badly would rather pray and ask then meditate and listen. Because I know the difficulty of beginning of meditation practice, I wanted to create a Leap of Faith kit for you all that would ease you into the meditation practice as well as bring you beauty & joy.

I will include suggestions and will be writing each of you hand written, personal notes within this kit but ultimately what you do with it is up to YOU. The Ahimsa Project is creating love, promoting peace and the Leap of Faith kit is just the first step. I’m here to guide you, to nuture you and to send you love but you need to complete your journey on your own!

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a kit but commenting below or letting me know on facebook!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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