Living YOUR Truth

When making changes in your life, you begin to live a new truth. Each of us lives our own lives, and thus our own truths. The tricky, complicated and fun thing about life is that our truths can change from day to day and year to year.
As a teenager, my truth was masked in blonde highlights, acrylic nails and lots of processed foods. It was masked in looks, drama, theater and leadership. Some of that is still here, while others have fallen to the wayside. At my core, I am still a similar person. Sometimes I am insecure, small and exhausted. While other days I am a true yogi warrior fighting the good fight and using my leadership skills to carry me through.
The tricky part is when you want to change, you want a better life for yourself – but you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you drink two diet cokes a day (as I used to) and you want to change. You want to eliminate this habit and try something new. After all, there are many alternatives: green tea, green smoothies, water, coconut water, juice and much more! But how do you get there? And what happens if you slip?
The first thing you need to learn is to not judge yourself. I am currently in a battle with myself, as I want to embrace more yoga off the mat (specifically in stressful situations where it seems I forget everything I teach and was ever taught….). I want to embrace my new truth by being balanced, eating healthy and practicing yoga as much as I can on and off the mat everyday. I want to stop that occasional diet coke (I’ve had about 10 since January of this year), and I want to stop fast food and processed food entirely.
As a yoga practitioner, as a person who embodies yoga, health and wellness, I try to eat and practice in the best way I can. But I, like many others, do slip up. Last night I ate too much. I knew I was eating too much and I just went ahead and did it anyway. I woke up this morning with a bellyache and wanted so badly to erase the night of food before. I wanted to go back and tell myself to live my new truth – to yell and scream and judge.
But I didn’t.
I woke up, cursed myself a little bit, and then practiced ahimsa (non-violence) by forgiving myself. Then I grabbed some water and when I feel hungry later I will make a healthy green smoothie. I will be back on my bandwagon today.
The joy of this new truth is that it is my truth. No one is judging me but myself, and I am my biggest enemy. I need to learn to let go of this judgment and accept myself no matter what. I want my truth to be full of health and love. THIS is the life I have decided to live, and this is the life I am striving to be a part of – I am loving every moment of it!
The next thing we need to do to start living in a new truth is to just do it! I eliminated diet coke (and other sodas) from my diet in January. In January I did a cleanse called The Clean Program and I loved it! It didn’t allow any coffee or cola, and after the cleanse it was the only thing I decided to eliminate from my diet entirely. It wasn’t making me feel good, and I didn’t need it in my system. So, I quit! Simple as that. It wasn’t an addiction, just a habit – so I left it behind and moved onto healthier drinks. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had a few so far this year, but it is to say that I am consciously trying to avoid it.
The last thing is to find support. It could be something as simple as having a specific alternative (Apple slices as opposed to pringles), or it could be a person who is changing with you! Videos, pictures, friends, family, loved ones, blogs – all of it can help. YOGA can help be the biggest catalyst for changing your life.
Whatever it is you’re changing, I hope you are able to live your truth. Or perhaps you’re not changing at all! You are 100% comfortable with everything in your life – and for that I say congratulations!! – I also hope you live your truth.
Find what you want your truth to be: love, happiness, health, wellness, yoga, laughter and much more! Each truth is spoken differently, each truth is our own version and our own light. Find it, do it, don’t judge and promise to love yourself unconditionally through the process.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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