Love can Bring you to your Knees

A little Catholic church in Boston’s North End can bring me to my knees. It has the most beautiful garden full of sculptures of Saints, smiling and laughing. The stained glass windows are a work of beauty and the atmosphere is so intoxicating it brings me down to me knees every time I walk by.

As a Congregationalist sometimes the paintings on the wall make me anxious because I don’t understand the depiction of the Saints or Jesus in that view, but what I do understand is love.

I feel this everywhere. In the hands of Hindus raising their vibrations while dancing in a temple on the full moon. In the statues of Saints in the Catholic Churches. In the hearts of Muslims who see Allah and the Buddhists who see love everywhere they turn.

God is there. No matter where or how you see him and he will bring you to your knees eventually. In love. In prayer. In dedication. In meditation. In yoga. In the forest near your childhood home or the ocean under a full moon.

During just one afternoon in the North End, I observed him everywhere. He was found in the garden, with an old man riding in his electric wheel chair with his perfect puppy perched in his lap. A couple walking down the street fiddling with their new DSLR camera. A foreign tourist group and their Bostonian tour guide. The Fedex guy who pauses in front of his favorite Italian restaurant with love in his eyes. The coast guard boys who have an afternoon off and want to watch girls and eat Italian subs. Or the amazing way in which everyone knows Billy as he walks across the street.

But love is not just in the sweet & small Italian street of Boston. LOVE is everywhere you look.

God is a word but also a feeling. Whether you call it universe, spirit or love: it’s there waiting to bring you to your knees. Look for it. Bow your head and give up (or around) a gentle thanks. You are supported. You are loved. You are whole.


The passing of Robin Williams this week was such a blow to the hearts of everyone who has ever seen him on TV or in a movie. People who have never met him wept for his passing and grapple with the understanding of depression and how it takes the lives of those we love. I’ve mentioned this here before, but I have also had my dark moments and I want you to know you are not alone. You are loved.

Here’s to hoping you find Love in everything you do today yogis.

Get out there — live a VIBRANT and beautiful life — do yoga and make life sparkle!

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