Magical Monday: A LOT of Gratitude

This past week, Zyan and I weren’t feeling well. I spent much of my days (between teaching & party going/throwing) in bed resting, cuddling, nursing and dodging a lot of spit-up. I didn’t get off the couch for hours at a time and yet hadn’t slept more than 5 hours in 48. Exhausted would be an understatement.

When I walked in to teach class, I cannot tell you how much it light me up to see my students shining faces. This community I have created in the past year and a half is truly lifts me up in ways I couldn’t never imagined. They make me smile on the really tough days and make my heart shine from the inside out whenever we come together. Tonight I went to the Middleton Fire Department to drop off our Toys 4 Tots drive and had so many toys from this OMazing community that I needed the help of all the firefighters to get the toys inside!

When I started Barefoot, I was still reeling from my move off Cape Cod. My beloved island was supposed to be my forever home. I traded our home for a wish, a dream of a better life for both of us, but especially my husband. His job held every promise (and certainly still has 2 years later). And what did I have? Debt. No job because I decided to quit mine. Loneliness. Moving back home and feelings of complete failure. This had been my idea and yet I felt entirely empty and as if I had made the wrong decision. I tried making an online business, I wrote on my blog, picked up a class or two teaching in the community and kept thinking of great ideas. I refused to get a job as I knew I was supposed to teach.

And then I found Barefoot. The studio in which I had taught my very first class (yes, ever) had closed and was for sale. It was fate.I signed the contract, opened our front door and haven’t looked back. It’s certainly been a journey of highs and lows (mostly highs) and this year during the yoga retreat in Stowe and this past week at our 2nd annual Christmas party, I knew I had “made it.” I was successful!

Success isn’t always measured in money, although it definitely helps the equation. My personal success is measured in spending FULL SICK DAYS in bed with my baby. Money in my bank account. Freedom to create my own schedule. Getting paid write, creating adventures, love and abundance. Supporting products and people I believe in. Giving back to the community through the Food Pantry, Toys 4 Tots, She’s the First & Pencils of Promise. Lots of cuddling. Seeing regular faces at the Shala. Teaching yoga. Having time to dedicate to my body, mind & soul as a student. And a hell of a lot of love.

This week as I watched my students surrender in savasana, I knew I was 100% successful. I have finally “made” it and I cannot wait to see where this new journey ahead takes me.

Magical Monday: A lot of gratitude


The Little Things

Spicy chicken soup with udon noodles, seeing my teachers faces when they received their Christmas gifts, being able to give abundantly this year, our 2nd annual holiday party at Barefoot, another OM-azing photoshoot with Sarah Jayne Photography, delicious annual dinner at Capital Grille with my family, ice skating at Lynnfield MarketPlace with my brother, dad & hubby, decorating for Christmas (and hubby getting me my own R2D2 ornament), already having tickets for Star Wars on Christmas night, the week ahead (OMG it’s Christmas!!), coconut water, coconut oil, infant massages on Zyan (his face is so damn cute when we do it), finding a new word for the year ahead, Zyan turning 4 months old on Christmas Eve, Zyan’s photoshoot for new moms group (omg a wreath of babies!!), new stocking for Zy at my mom’s house, mermaid art with a baby Ziggy merman, spending an entire Sunday at my moms resting, wrapping & watching her favorite Christmas movie, being DONE with everything on time this year, finalizing that one thing on my to-do list I kept putting off, baking yoga gingerbread people with my girls, planned workouts, lots of laughter and Christmas cheer, my bestie coming home tomorrow and so much love!!!!!!

Sending you an abundance of holiday love & laughter
Get out there, do yoga & make life SPARKLE!!


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