Magical Monday: Aquarium Adventures

I started my “March book” a little bit early as I finished Soul of an Octopus earlier than I thought I would! Happier at Home is a great read so far and it’s making me think about happiness in a new way. I love Gretchen Rubin and have read The Happiness Project so I thought I’d look into this newer (not newest) book of hers. I like it a lot. As I mentioned, it’s making me think about happiness in a new way and although I say it often, I truly am blessed. I love the life I’m living right now and while it took me quite a while to actually arrive where I am, I wouldn’t change a single step. Gratitude sometimes isn’t strong enough of a word for how I feel about my job and my family.

As proof of that, this week was relatively epic. Zyan and I went to the New England Aquarium with our new mom friends on Friday and I loved every second of it. The real reason I wanted to go was to see the octopus on display and she happened to be on vacation while her tank was being renovated (another trip is already planned with hubby of course!). I was inspired by Sy Montgomery’s book and fell even deeper in love with the ocean while I was reading it. Much of the book took place at the aquarium and not having been there since I was a girl, I wanted to see the updated giant tank and all the new aquatic life. I dragged my girlfriends and babies and spewed off annoying fish facts the entire time we were there. Even so I believe everyone had a blast!! Zyan couldn’t stop staring and was enthralled the entire time. He was wide awake from start to finish and didn’t fall asleep until lunch. I wore him the entire time we were in Boston so we had lots of snuggling time together all morning.

As I said, blessed and gratitude don’t even cover it. As my new friend Davita says about her new gig as a full time stay at home mom: “I’m living the dream.”

Watching my little one as he watched the fish at the aquarium lights me up from the inside out. I get to have these adventures with him and not miss one moment while still having a job I LOVE. Divine.



The Little Things

Zyan turning 6 months old this week, his pediatric appointment where he did very well (and we learned we could give him even more food!!), snacking on cannolis in the North End with my nugget and his friends after the aquarium, going to Legoland with my hubby & Zyan, watching Ziggy try to crawl and having him play alone and with his toys more often, visiting the girls at Lululemon, deciding to cut dairy for a little while to see my reaction, working out with Kendra, house hunting, Sherlock (goodness I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch), all the books I’m reading, creating surprises for my teacher trainees, talking about oils, Release essential oil in the diffuser during the full moon, eating vegetarian on the full moon and remembering to do my ceremony, stretching and oils with hubby, my OMazingly busy March schedule, business meetings that include babies, teaching a private lesson with Zyan by my side, my in-laws and parents for watching him, Leonardo finally winning an Oscar, betting on the Oscars with my in-laws, watching Zyan eat cookies, my new Mama and Little teething necklaces, reading the yoga sutras daily and keeping up with my sadhana, new Indian outfits from our cousins, eating Mysurpa for the first time in over a year, unexpectedly going to see my grandma this weekend… so much more… so so sooooo much more but this shall do for today!!

Magical Mondays: Aquarium Adventures
New outfits from our cousins!

COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. Every single one. Even if it’s something as simple as enjoying a coconut latte when you’re trying to cut dairy or the joy of seeing your puppy when you walk through the front door (Apollo still gets me every time). You are so blessed. Open your eyes to see the blessings of each day and know you’re so very loved.

Sending you oodles of love and inspiration!

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