Magical Monday: Baby Addition

As many of you may have read, this last week we announced the arrival of Baby BOY Ravikumar on Facebook. We couldn’t be more thrilled!!

This past week I spoke about blessings and timing. I also spoke about writers block and how some things prevent us from our passions. That thing was my pregnancy. I was so tired and exhausted that I couldn’t write to you. I couldn’t find any words to express my feelings of joy and excitement, but also of utter exhaustion.

My blog will definitely remain in the yoga/fitness/wellness world, but in the coming months and weeks I will also be exploring pregnancy and mommy hood. The blog, like my life, changes over the course of time and I’m so blessed to have this outlet.

I am also blessed to have such a wonderful family. My mom and husband indulged my gender reveal cake fun and we ended up having the time of our lived yesterday. To be surrounded by our family in this time of growth and expansion is such a joy. Our family means the world to us and my son is already so loved. I cannot wait to bring this little beam of light into the world and see what and how he creates.

Without further ado….The Little Things:

Our gender reveal/Easter party, my moms reaction caught on camera, my in laws (because I’m blessed to have awesome ones), good decaf coffee with strawberries and dark chocolate as an afternoon snack, seeing our son last week, going to church, our intro to Ayurveda and yoga for change programs, new students at BYS, my family supporting my octopus obsession, my first yelp elite event (!!!), kundalini, our preview photos from Tracy’s photo shoot, Tracy’s photo shoot last week, emailing friends who work midnights and waking up to fun emails back, cousin love, teaching teen yoga, intuitives, readings, exploring mediumship, epic family naps, my sons first onsie, brother sleepovers, bacon pizza and all the love on Facebook (thank you). Last but not least (ever), my AMAZING hubby.

Remember to count your blessings tonight!



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