Magical Monday: Bliss in the rough moments

As I was composing this blog post in my mind, Zyan was feeding and Apollo was whining at the door as it was 9:35am and I still hadn’t managed to take him out. I relented to putting my nursing scarf on and stepping outside barefoot to let Apollo out, walking in my front yard with a nursing baby and picking up dog poop. I felt like a walking Gretchen Wilson song

Right as I was bending over to pick up Apollo’s lovely morning gift, the alarm for Magical Monday’s went off on my phone. It forced me to pause in my very rough morning and take a moment to appreciate what I had around me. At that moment, although it was not an easy one, I had love. I had the love of my furry baby and my newborn son, the sun beating down on my back and an entire day to shake off the full moons energy and realign with joy.

So I did. I went back inside to finish getting ready and took Zyan for a walk to the coffee shop. When we got home, I took Apollo to the dog park and he ran around like crazy. The poor thing has been craving a little running and releasing of energy so I was super happy that alarm went off on my phone to remind me to find the bliss in my everyday moments. The laundry can wait until later, Apollo needed my love and attention at that moment.

I’m also grateful we went because when we got there, there was another woman with her infant son in a baby carrier. I eyed her for a few moments and picked up some dog park tricks of the trade while we chatted for an hour about different baby carriers and the easiest way to walk a dog with a stroller. It was heavenly to be out of my house with a coffee in hand and Apollo enjoying the sunshine.

This fall day is perfect and we shall definitely be going for another walk this afternoon! I’m so grateful to be reminded of gratitude, always.



This weekend Zyan went to church for the first time. This little nugget is so full of love and blessings. Everyone around him just wants to soak up his energy and give him a kiss from God. We couldn’t be more grateful for our gifts (both physical and of love/attention) and are so blessed this little monkey will have so many people in his life who will bring him joy, keep him safe and remind him to walk a path of righteousness. As we step into fall, with this crisp air and beautiful foliage, I am reminded of my own path. I’m reminded that while sometimes the road may be different from what we imagined, it is always the road we are supposed to travel.

Isvara pradihana is my constant reminder to surrender to God and to this beautiful life that is unfolding before my very eyes. How grateful am I to be constantly reminded to step forward with joy and know that I’m supported in faith no matter where I am. This weekend, with all its craziness, was the perfect reminder to let go and allow even more love into my life.

Last night as I was watching the crazy beautiful blood moon & solar eclipse, I said one prayer: thank you. Thank you for loving me. Please continue to remind me to have more compassion, more love and even more gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Little Things

Zyan smiled this week and turned one month old(!), Sashi’s birthday yesterday, the beautiful blood moon/lunar eclipse (that I’m really glad is over — bye bye energy), getting more and more into essential oils, my Stitch Fix order coming today, really good coffee, the Vintage Bazaar this weekend with my family, becoming an expert at breastfeeding by hiding my son in plain sight (thank you nursing scarf), delicious walks outside in this fall air, walking the beach with friends and discovering Ipswich, new folks signing up for our teacher training and folks already signing up for the retreat next year (retreat is 20% until October 1st with code OPENHEART), taking a shower every day, everyone’s generous gifts, Zyan’s first day at church and all the LOVE we received when we got there, talking to my minister about different religions and how we plan to raise our son (he is such an amazing man and I’m so grateful to have him in our life), church friends, running errands alone for an hour, my mani/pedi, new kettleball & weights, Tone it Up videos and yoga at home, teaching the autumn equinox, letting go of the pregnancy writers block and so much more I can’t remember.

Vintage Bazaar this weekend

Gratitude is a way of life. It takes just a moment to flip your perspective (and yes, even I have moments of upset, anger and hurt…) but it literally takes ONE MOMENT to flip your script. Set a reminder on your phone. Track your gratitude in a pocket sized journal, or your favorite app. Put a note on your phone. Call a friend to talk about what you’re grateful for. Leave a comment below. However you choose to track your gratitude is your choice, but be sure to do it!! We are so blessed, we just need to open our eyes wide enough to see it.

Love you all lots!

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