Magical Monday & Chocolate Almond Butter!

**Before we begin Magical Mondays, I would like to ask a favor from each of you. If you know of anyone who is interested in the teacher training, or being a part of Journey to Hope, please send them my way. Also, we are still searching for donations from you all for our last payment to the lawyer! Any help is GREATLY appreciated, and paypal is a safe & easy way to donate. Much love & thank you for everything you do!*
Now, on to Magical Mondays!
This past week was so full of adventure and magic. I am very blessed to have had my brother and his girlfriend visit us in Cape Cod. They couldn’t have picked a better day, as it was 72 degrees on a mid-day in March and we walked the beach.I found my first piece of sea glass(!), Apollo ran himself into a nap and “swam” for the first time and our walk was full of laughter, water, shorts and surprises.
The next day, I was so blessed to watch my friend Alicia singing at her CD release party. The event was a huge success, and it was also being video taped for a webcast! She had an amazing turn-out with good friends, family & food. The cake was yummy and looked delicious, and the conversation was everything I could have hoped for. I met many new people and ran into a few faces I already know. Listen to her new CD by downloading it here, or read my review from the night!
I had a week FULL of the “little things”
:: My beautiful new Cape Cod bracelet (from the most amazing, full of surprises hubby), Apollo gained 5 lbs and is now 15lbs (and healthy!!), JTH is going to get some recognition this week after a secret meeting (more later this week), we found a new dog park with a tiny little lake, Alicia’s party, Zack’s visit, surprise visit to see my grandma (her face was so priceless), telling Sam we’re going on a surprise birthday trip for her birthday/Memorial Day weekend (CANNOT wait), actively looking for new JTH teachers, being contacted by a number of people for JTH (proof that we are growing), Apollo walked up the stairs for the first time, cuddling with Digger & my hubby, James Patterson on hubby’s ipad (my first digital book ever), buying pretty and environmentally friendly soaps, looking at labels, wholefoods & chocolate almond butter (!!!), making granola bars, healthy snacks, death meditation, yoga, self-pedicures, surprise lunches, good music, family weekends, planning elaborate dream trips back to Vegas and watchingBeing Elmo!
The week ahead brings many things: a coffee date here or there, many cuddle sessions, getting back into the groove of making healthy meals, yoga (to take & teach), life planning, budgets, Jill’s grand re-opening, summer planning, going back to CCCW with much love & lots of yoga, our benefit class and our teacher training!
Please join me at our benefit class if you live in the area!! I’m teaching & Alicia is singing!!
Here’s to an amazing week full of sparkle, magic and love.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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