Magical Monday: Halloween

This year was Zyan’s very first Halloween and I was so happy for him! I decided early on that I didn’t want him to be anything traditional, such as a pumpkin or a lion, but rather a shark or something fierce and fun. I bought this amazing shark costume that turned out to be too big and instead he became a dragon. This cutest little dragon/platypus I have ever seen!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday (in fact, I often dread it) but I’ve decided to be as joyful for him during each holiday as I possibly can until he decides which holidays he loves and which he doesn’t love. This year ended up being kind of fun and I’m actually looking forward to next year when we can trick or treat at a house or two and show him off. This year, photos with our new mom friends and hanging out in our costume while Mimi handed out candy seemed like the most fun we could have.

This past week was full of the spooky stuff. We went to Salem with my in-laws and I put him in the baby carrier the entire time to keep him nice and warm, and to get in extra snuggles. I also watched a scary-ish movie with the hubs! Aside from being a busy mama with the babe, I spent plenty of time at the shala working as I taught, created fun new workshops and talked to others about the pure joy of essential oil living.

Now that November is here I am so excited to kick off my birthday month!! A special treat called #Dirty30Namaste is coming soon for my 30th birthday and I plan to spend a heck of a lot of this month celebrating. There’s so much to celebrate, on top of my 30th birthday: Apollo’s 4th birthday and this blogs 4th birthday!! Holy moly. It’s been such an amazing ride.

Halloween Baby as a Dragon

The Little Things

Everything working out the way it should, Halloween at new mom’s group, shopping at the outlets with hubby & Zyan, date night extended into day dates, Wegman’s, Salem with my family, resting when I knew I should, personal training on Saturday morning bright & early, visiting hubby at work, hanging out with Olivia, teaching others about oils (and making Star), baby’s first dates (visiting Audrey), and planning #Dirty30Namaste!!

I love you all lots and am sending you tons of Magical Monday joy.

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