Magical Monday: I TAUGHT Teacher Trainees!

This morning I ran straight into the arms of my beloved teachers. I had woken up ready to conquer my day. My husband gently leaned over and reminded me that I had an opportunity for childcare and plenty of yoga classes I could take as a student. After my amazingly beautiful weekend with all my teacher trainees I knew that I needed healing and receiving.

I wanted a restorative class, and so I went to an all level flow with one of the teachers from my own 200 hour training. Usually she is slow, mindful, and more restorative in nature. When I arrived, the power was out at her studio (no heat, no lights). She decided to teach a more energetic flow in order to heat everyone’s body and keep us comfortable until the power kicked back on. For most of practice it was exactly what I needed, until the moment that it wasn’t. Toward the end of practice she started to cue a beautiful hamstring stretch and I laid on the bolster ignoring every single word. I could hear her voice in the back of my mind, but all I needed was her as a guide to help me release. It was something that took me years to understand, but I went into an early savasana-esque state and stayed there until practice was over, knowing it was EXACTLY what I needed.

I gave her a giant hug and as she squeeze back she casually asked me how I was as we hadn’t seen one another in almost a year! I told her that since I’d seen her last I decided to have a baby & launch a teacher training because I’m a wee bit of a sucker for divine and beautiful punishment. She said “sometimes we need to go headfirst into things at the same time in order to truly BE with them and I know you’re rocking both.” It was all I needed to melt into knowing that YES I am on the path and these yogis are under great care: my own.

I have never been more proud of myself. I told Zyan as I smushed him hard last night “mommy did a great job this weekend…most times I’m going to teach you the art of humility, but there are times in life too, when we need to remember to toot our own horn and be proud of ourselves as well!”

The trainees in this program are OMazing. When I was trying to describe to my family how the training was going, it was almost impossible. Some of it is such an intimate experience as we glide through this journey, getting to know and support one another on the path. Things that won’t ever leave the walls of the shala are shared. And yet there is so much beauty that will be shared and preached and expressed now and into the years that follow. As for diversity, we have mothers, fathers, grandmothers, husbands, wives, students, writers, folks searching for love and others looking for lifestyle changes…some are nurses, EMTs, and business professionals…some are young and some are more seasoned. It’s the most beautiful blend and I cannot wait to see what they create as a sangha (community).

My magical Monday is beyond blissful. I’m happy as a clam and spent 90% of my day cuddling Zyan before heading off to teach class. In the moments he was asleep and my mind was on fire, I was writing, exploring and tapping deeper into my own practice than ever before. This year will see not only the expansion of a new class of yoga teachers, but I know my own personal growth will factor in as well and I’m so blessed and excited to see what that means (I’ve been creating my own sadhana this month and digging even deeper than ever before).

Magical Monday's: I taught teacher trainees

As for the little things…well those are big as well. As always.

The Little Things

Someone opening the door for Zyan & I and then saying “my good deed is done today!” (Haha – one & done), talking with a local cop about how fast our babies grow, new moms group (always), music class this Thursday (!!), an ass kicking so deep and so good that my legs burnt the entire weekend during training, time on my mat as a student (more than once this week!!), my amazing mother, husband and mother in law for watching Zyan this weekend while I worked, Apollo being the worlds best assistant during training, being on time with blog posts & creating an editorial calendar for the year ahead, writing more for other companies, pushing myself creatively, manifesting like mad, date nights planned, feeling balanced for the first time in a long time, best friends sending love notes & so much more!!

Sending you lots and lots of love and gratitude!! Count your blessings and don’t be afraid to list them below in the comments.
Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!

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