Magical Monday: Infant Massage

This week I took the smush for an infant massage class with our new moms group and it was literally the highlight of our week. The entire time we were there, he was cooing and trying to laugh as I massaged his little body with coconut oil. It’s really good for them before bedtime and this week we introduced it into his bedtime routine (something I’m terrible at, I hate routine…) and it’s been working well for both of us. Having something to look forward to before bedtime makes the routine easier for me and the massage makes everything happier for him. It’s so much fun and something I 100% recommend. In fact, I recommend joining a new moms group if you’re having a baby! It is one of the most supportive things I have done so far postpartum and I’m so happy my friend Gayle told me to go. I love meeting these woman once a week to discuss where our babies are, how we’re feeling and talking about new subjects each week, it rocks. Feeling that I’m not alone on this brand new journey is such a loving and beautiful experience and I’m very grateful to these new women in my life.

On Wednesday we are experiencing a super power charge. Wednesday happens to be a new moon (great for new intentions) that lands on 11/11 (a powerful number combination) and is the holiday Diwali, the festival of lights! I cannot wait to use my new crystals and set my newest intentions.

Take some time this week to set your intentions for the month ahead. Settle into your space. Meditate. Allow for your intentions to manifest and come to your mind and then write them out on a piece of paper. I place my intentions under my crystals for the month and check in on them occasionally in order to be reminded of what I’m trying to manifest. It is such a powerful practice to invite more love and goodness into your life through this ritual and I hope it serves you well this month.


The Little Things

The rest of my week was magical as well, full of a big fat lazy Sunday, a holiday church fair, seeing Zyan’s baptism outfit for the first time (I’m getting excited!), receiving Christmas oils and seeing holiday baking competitions, Salem adventures with Jacalynn that involved good coffee & beautiful crystals (hello brand new heart carnelian), getting my hair done (!!!), and more of a routine for Ziggy-man.

Sending you all lots of positivity, love and light! Leave a comment below with what YOU are grateful for this Magical Monday.

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