Magical Monday: Mishaps to Adventures

This past week was so full of fun and adventure!!
The Power Yoga of Cape Cod teacher training graduates taught their first collaborative class last night, and raised $375 for Journey to Hope. Thank you so much to each of you. It was a wonderful event, full of fun, love & a whole lot of sweat! A perfect ending to a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
This week was full of mishaps that turned themselves into the biggest and best adventures.
On Tuesday night, I was supposed to see the Red Sox game with my husband, sister-in-law and my brother. After a huge comedy of eras, I ended up seeing the game with my brother, mom and aunt! But it was my dads birthday and such a blast. That same night I found out I am going to see Rascal Flatts (and MEET THEM BACKSTAGE!!!) with my very best friend who is flying home this weekend from Baltimore. WOO HOO!!!
On Wednesday we had our board meeting. FINALLY everyone was together in the same room (thank you skype) and we had a very official and productive meeting. It is all really coming together now as we are sending in our 501c3 paperwork this next week!

I also helped my husband hire a new receptionist, went paddle boarding on the bay, ate yummy ice cream, held a benefit class at the library, went to Embargo’s with friends, went to the jammin’ class (and 3 other yoga classes this week!), ate yummy foods, went to church, and had an absolute blast with my hubby on Saturday.

On Saturday we went to a bartending class that I bought for him at Christmas time. This past Christmas, I got my hubby 12 gifts to use throughout the year: date nights! We learned all about how to make martini’s and margaritas (12 kinds!!) and are now “official” bartenders. It was so much fun!
After our class, we literally ran right into the gay pride parade in Boston and had lunch on Newbury Street. It was nice to be (literally) caught in Boston for a bit, especially with that much joy floating around. I love living in Massachusetts where people are allowed to be as happy as they so choose.
This coming week is FULL of love and adventure. My best, best friend is coming here on Friday night. I cannot wait to pick her up at the airport and have a whole country weekend with her! I am also teaching my first aqua yoga class this morning! Wish me luck.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Remember to count your blessings! Our fridge broke this week, as well as most of the technology in my husband’s office…. but I still have SO SO SO many things to celebrate. Life is full of love and adventure if you flip your perspective. Just take a moment in a hard situation and try to find the love or a way to remedy whatever is happening. Life is so much easier and fun when you count your blessings and remember to love!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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