Magical Monday: Rascal Flatts!

Okay, I know it’s a bit much for them to be in all capital letters, but they were just so amazing in concert and in person. This past weekend, I was able to not only see my best friend (who flew up from Baltimore to be with me for the weekend), but was also able to do a meet and greet with my favorite band!! Then we went in the audience (dead center, VERY close to the stage) to watch some of the best bands in country music play. (Eden’s Edge, Eli Young Band, Little Big Town & Rascal Flatts). What an amazing experience. I am so thankful to my dad and his friend, who helped pull this together for us!
Other exciting things on the list of this past week: working hard on growing Journey to Hope, our sponsor letters and donations, my new bike (!!), clean sheets, having company all week long, Apollo being bumped into intermediate training, seeing my family this weekend, house hunting, meal planning (now that our fridge is up and running), being healthy, preparing for my 5K Color Me Rad run(and running with Apollo), new songs, organized office, clean home, orange leaf, vacation lust and planning, seeing Thor again, Brazilian BBQ, quality time with Sandra, our up coming documentary, aqua yoga, the calm before the storm in my schedule right now, surprise Lane family visit, and mandatory bathing suit time!!
As I was mentioning to my aqua ladies this morning, it is so important to remember your blessings. Happiness is wanting what you already have. By being in the present and appreciating the little things in life, we can feel so much better. I try hard to want what I already have. There are days when I am lusting for a vacation with my hubby, and times when I wish things were a wee bit different – but in general, I try to appreciate what I have all around me!
I read an amazing passage to myself and my class this morning from my meditation book that I feel a lot of you would benefit from. It’s entitled Worry Never.
“Worrying doesn’t help. Our worries haven’t prevented one disaster along the way. At times, the only thing they’ve prevented is our joy. Our worry is fear. Our worries are self-punishment, a form of not forgiving ourselves, not loving ourselves, not trusting. 
The lesson is trust. When we’re trusting, we let go of fear, confident that what we want and need will come. We trust that what comes appears to be trouble or hardship, we will get what we need to get through. When we trust, we get peaceful first, before we get what we want, before we see what the future brings.
Worry and fear are the opposite of love.
Love yourself more than you ever have.
Love yourself enough to stop worrying.
Love yourself enough to give yourself the gift of peace.”
~Journey to the Heart, Melody Beatte
Stop worrying. Count your blessings. Love harder. Forgive. Trust. And most importantly: LOVE YOURSELF!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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