Magical Monday: Restore

Good Morning Ohmees!

Today really IS a Magical Monday. I haven’t written to you in gratitude on a Monday in a very long time and I can actually feel the lack of gratitude in my life. I feel so blessed to be back here with you now!

This past week my husband and I went to New Hampshire to my parents summer home. It’s the first time since our honeymoon that we have BOTH had more than 2 or 3 days off in a row and we took FULL advantage of our vacation. Hubby went water skiing (yay!!), I caught my first fish and we partook in some much overdue sun, swimming, boating, cousin & family time.

It was such a blessing to be with my entire family all week long. There were no responsibilities (save Apollo and his adorable cousin puppies, Bentley and Cooper) and drying my swim suits each night.


Taking time off regularly help us to recognize our blessings and fill our hearts with gratitude. We took the time to see the stars (and a shooting star!), to find hearts in puddles, smiley faces in the dirt on the bathroom floor, lone turtles walking the road and the beauty of a brand new puppy’s chest lifting up and down as he snores lightly after a day of hard play and fun.

My mind, body and spirit feel completely connected and rejuvenated. I can once more feel the earth beneath my toes and the love & gratitude within my heart.

The Little Things

Dinner with cousins, boyfriends & husbands, hubby getting deviled eggs from Gram & Aunt Pam sneaking him some extras, swimming four days in a row, catching my first fish, seeing two BALD EAGLES, being love drunk on the sun, seeing a shooting star, spending quality time with my family, both Karthik & Mike getting up on water skis for the first time, jamming to country music with no doors on the jeep, finally seeing Now You See Me (amazing movie by the way!!), 3 beautiful cousin puppies, manicures, pedicures, craft fair, new jewelery, kettle korn, homemade lemonade, glittery fairy dust fire works, the 4th of July parade that never gets any better (but never gets worse either), handstands everywhere, the magic of 6:00am coffee with my loves and so much more.

the girlsthe friends


What are you thankful for? Have you counted your blessings today?

Leave a comment below with your blessings and what you’re grateful for this week!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

Sat Nam, Namaste,


8 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Restore

  1. Leanne Chesser

    Some of the things I’m grateful for today are: friends, my grandson’s cuddles, awesome food, cooler temperatures (it has been really hot lately), water and having time to work on my business. 

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks Leann! Glad to hear there are so many blessings in your life…especially those grandson cuddles!!


  2. Sunfire

    I love the title Magical Monday! My Monday posts are Gratitude, Blessings and Thanks, where I document my blessings from the past week. I love coming across others on the ‘net turning Mondays into a good thing.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Wow!! I’m going to need to check it out. Loving that we are bringing back Mondays reputation 😉

  3. Aunt Pam

    One of my blessings is that you are my niece!  I’m the luckiest Aunt ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had an absolute blast this weekend with you and K. xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Love you 🙂 I’m a very lucky niece….we have quite the amazing family I would say. Love you!!

  4. Mom

    My daily blessing is to have you as my daughter.  I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments.  Great weekend and so special to have so much time with you and K over the 4th!


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