Magical Mondays

National Seashore, EasthamNational Seashore, Eastham

Good Morning Monday!!!
This past week was so full of fun, adventure & a LOT of yoga!
Let’s see: I had lunch with two good friends, got my nails done, made it to a few yoga classes (for myself), taught a gazillion classes, found the national seashore, taught for a girls getaway weekend, learned how to play black jack, went to brunch with hubby, rearranged our apartment, got my tarot cards read, had a PINK feather put into my hair, went to an amazing grant writing workshop & hired a lawyer!!!
It was a week full of both social and professional interests – which is always the best. I am so excited to announce that we have hired a lawyer. They are going to help us finish our 501(c)3 paperwork within the next week or two!! It is so exciting to be on this road with all of you, having you watch us as we grow.
With a lawyer comes a hefty bill…so if you feel inclined, there is a donation button on the left side bar. It is through pay pal and is absolutely safe!
Also, we have an up coming benefit class this weekend. Friday February 3rd atThe Moving Meditation. 6 pm. Please join us for a fun vinyassa flow. By donation. All proceeds to benefit Journey to Hope.
Our grant writing course was amazing. It was 3 hours long, and the nerd in me wanted to stay all night and continue learning. It was such a rich class, full of information, tips & tricks to grant writing. I am excited to begin that journey as well, and to tackle our next step. (Any help is greatly appreciated).
I hope your week is just as fun! I have lots lined up for this week, including going home to see my mom this weekend – – and my MIL – – lots of Indian food, gossip and cuddling!
I will leave you with this lovely video. I do some of this….especially the chia seeds 🙂

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!



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