Magical Mondays

Today is full of wonder, beauty, SNOW and yoga!!
This past weekend, we got almost a foot of snow on Cape Cod. It was a beautiful igloo and it trapped me from going home to see my mom – in the end, however, it worked out ūüėČ I got to cuddle with the hubby, catch up on Nip/Tuck re-runs, work a LOT of Journey to Hope and I made a lot of food.
Preparing for the week helps me so much in regards to eating well! I looked at the contents of our fridge and stocked up on things I knew we would need. I am only JUST off the Clean Program, and wanted to keep things as healthy as I could.
On Saturday I made¬†cabbage casserole. Delicious! I put in too much cabbage – but it was yummy anyway. I also made¬†Cream Cheese Cake¬†and¬†“Cookie Dough.”Not too wild about the texture of the cookie dough so I am going to freeze them into balls and dip them in chocolate to make truffles instead.
Power Yoga of Cape Cod had a photo shoot for all their teachers and I got the privilege of shooting with Kadri Рan amazing yogi photographer with a great sense of humor.
This week was full of proposals, subbing classes, coming off the cleanse, TAKING yoga class and getting geared up to teach my ESL class at the Cape Cod Community College soon!!
This coming week is full of lunch dates, more proposals, a grant-writing course (!!!), placing our 6th space & lots of fun!!
I hope your week is just as productive as mine. With Journey to Hope growing as rapidly as it is now, I am so thrilled to be working this hard and watching this growth along side all of you!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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