Magical Mondays

I have decided to re-name Blessings, Journeys & Adventures to Magical Mondays. This will be the same blog idea, but it will celebrate Mondays, which so often get a bad rep! We can always take time to reflect on our week and weekends once we get to Monday and are able to think of the things ahead. I’m taking the time to re-claim Mondays and make them good again!!

With that said: as always, I have many blessings, journeys & obsessions to share! 
The first and biggest blessing is my dad’s health. He went in for surgery on Friday to fix his shoulder after taking a big fall a few days before our wedding, and he is doing well. He is in a bit of pain, but on a very positive road to recovery!
New & old obsessions: Digger (as always), cuddle time with the hubby, tons of meetings lined up this week for Journey to Hope, taking a yoga class at Back Bay Yoga, Djing my favorite holiday party on Friday, GLITTERpinterest, Trader Joes peppermint oreos, candy cane green tea, Michael Buble’s Christmas CD, our Christmas tree & stockings which are so beautiful (!), and seeing some wonderful friends this weekend at their Christmas party!
The hubby and I went on an accidental date this week! We went bowling, ate yummy tapas at our favorite martini bar & shared some candy while strolling the streets of Hyannis. I love Cape Cod so much in the winter. So many people do not understand the benefits of living in a tourist town. When things get just a little bit too loud, all of our semi-residents take off for the season….and when we get just a little bit too lonely, they all return! It is the perfect balance and allows for some wonderful winter date nights where we own the night & the town!
I am also so excited about KoKo fitclub, the gym where I work part-time. With that and my yoga I have felt like such a strong warrior the past few weeks!! It is such a comfort to DJ a party and actually not need any help lifting my equipment, knowing that I am strong enough to handle it all alone. 
How is your Monday? What magical things can you share with us today??

Get out there! Do yoga & make life sparkle!


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