Magical Mondays

Well, well, well Ohmees – what a week it has been. I haven’t had time to write to you due to the amount of work I’ve had to do and the mini traveling adventures. What an insane and amazing week it has been – I’ve been counting my blessings, meditating, and continuing my Living Yoga Sadnha!

This past week was full of work. We had three intense days of training at work and I loved it! We learned more about the product and a few fun techniques while having the Norwegians come over for a visit and having delicious dinners at a few of my favorite places.

On Monday night, I had the opportunity to drag a few of my favorite ladies to River Gods and devour some organic, healthy & delicious plates. Tuesday brought more training and my favorite restaurant in the world: Cuchi Cuchi. After passing shared plates and a few stories, it was off to bed to prepare for yet another day of training.

Once all of this wonderful training was done, it was back to the grind and implementing the new things we learned in the office – as well as a rush to the post office. To say the least it was an exciting work week and it left me completely spent.



When I returned home on Thursday I found out our friend Ahmad is home and we went out for a great dinner and watched Django! (again) I’m so glad to have him home for a little while. He’s only been here a few days and has already been over quite a bit.

This weekend, hubby & I decided on a spur of the moment home trip and ended up taking both our parents to dinner, enjoying a few movies, homemade Indian food & the SOWA market for the first time ever! I cannot believe I lived so close all these years and I had never made it there until today. What a blast! We got so many goodies and I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the market as well as everyone’s environmentally conscious booths!!

The best part of my week was finally receiving the quilt my mother was making for Karthik & I!!! It’s so beautiful & I promise to post a high quality, amazing photo soon. I love it and am so blessed to have such a talented mom.

It has been such an amazing, busy & crazy week. Every day is a blessing. We have one hell of a week coming up ahead and I am both anxious & excited about life in general. Now is the time to be a YES!!

Are you a yes today?

Sending you all love, light & a TON of happiness.

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