Magical Mondays



I seem to say this every week but I truly mean it! I love so much about my life and I want to do nothing more than express gratitude for everything I have. The amazing family from which I came and the loving family I married into are such a blessing to me, always.

My husband’s 30th birthday is THIS WEEK!! How crazy is that? I’m so excited to celebrate his life, to give him surprises, involve both of our families, go on mini vacations and so much more. We have an amazing few weeks to look forward to and I couldn’t be any happier.

This past week was full of fun and also full of work and cars. On Wednesday I was able to get my car fixed (included in the warranty) and OMG what a difference! I have never had a brand new car, so having this warranty luxury was exactly that: a luxury. Due to the car being fixed, I worked from home and was able to have Apollo AND Digger snuggled in the same room with my windows open and my brain buzzing. I worked well from home, and when my day was over I read crime and punishment and did more writing.

I wrote for you all a lot last week and am thankful for the response. I LOVE hearing from you here on the blog, and on facebook!! Please continue to join me, always.

The Little Things

Teaching a Journey to Hope class this past week, teaching 6:30am, being challenged and learning the science of ayurveda, seeing yogi friends, seeing old college friends, trying ice cream with maple syrup (delicious!!), REAL Mexican food with my doodle, going over school ad classes with doodle and helping him pick out college courses for this semester, reading Crime & Punishment, Power Yoga of Cape Cod’s SECOND LOCATION opening on the 10th!!, the final 3 in The Next Food Network Star (go vote for Damrius!), and so much more.

I hope you are enjoying TODAY and creating a gratitude list. Sending you tons of love, light & happiness!

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!



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