Magical Mondays

Glitter!! Sparkles!!! YOGA!!!!!
This weekend was full of glitter, YOGA & sparkles. It was full of self-love and talking about The Ahimsa Project. This past week was full of collaboration, getting things done, steaming full charge ahead and spreading goodness. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see things being pieced together and to begin to spread some true joy and happiness to you all through my written word, videos & daily inspirations.
A few highlights from the weekend:
* I taught an amazing class on Friday night!
* I shot the first few videos for The Ahimsa Project, met with Lola & Hollie, had an amazing time shooting yoga poses on Castle Island, played with GLITTER, saw my glitter preview test and had an overall amazing Saturday afternoon with Lollie 🙂
* I went to the dog park and Castle Island with Apollo & he had an absolute blast at both places. So many people, dogs and interactions. He is so well behaved and it really shows when we are out. Proud mom moment!
* I hung out with my family: my mom, my gram & my in-laws. I went to church and saw some great friends (as well as some surprise congregational hugs – John Intorcio!) I had yummy Indian food, quality mother/daughter time, silly talks with gram & her friends, tried on sari’s and had a blast just BEING with my family. It was such a nice time-out.


The Little Things
Playing with Apollo, my amazing job with the best co-workers a girl could ask for, taking care of friends in need, playing surgeon’s assistant for a morning, seeing my hubby in surgery, the first preview photo from the Journey to Hope photo shoot, collaborating with friends to create The Leap of Faith Kit, homework (!!) and required reading (nerd alert!!), upcoming parties & weddings, the little boy screaming: “WHY IS THAT LADY DOING OGA?”, the honesty of my elders & quality time with the people I love.


I am so looking forward to this coming week. I have a lot going on with my job and all of my passions as well as a ton of homemade Indian food in my fridge! Not cooking all week frees up more time to be physically practicing yoga on my mat and more cuddle time.
Hubby & I are planning on watching a few of the Oscar nominated films we missed this year, as well as a little bit of spring cleaning!

What are you plans? What are YOU grateful for?

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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