Magical Mondays

Good Morning beautiful yogis & yoginis!
What a beautiful day to count our blessings. There is snow on the trees, but not on the roads. The birds are singing, the sun began shining early this morning and today is a full moon.
This week I am full of energy and light! Last night I attended a Crystal Bowls class and it was amazing. I left feeling light and airy – full of energy and complete with a new intention and manifestation for the new moon. As this weekend began Mercury Retrograde, I was feeling a bit of a downpull in energy…but once I attended the workshop and created a loving and healing intention, I felt 100% better.
The workshop was eye opening. I felt all kinds of beautiful energy within me and was blessed to have been essentially dragged to the class by my friend Patty. In terms of energy, Patty is another entity on her own and an amazingly intuitive person. I was so glad she asked me to come out on a dreary evening and feel so much more attuned and open to the changes happening around me.
Mercury Retrograde is a time to reflect and a time of immense changes. It is a great time to try a more spiritual practice of yoga and listen to your whole mind, body & spirit within yoga. I truly encourage you to slow down and begin to listen to your own wisdom.
Along with my amazing energy healing class last night, my weekend was full of blessings. I was able to coordinate a photoshoot for the amazing Journey to Hope volunteers!! The handful of volunteers that were able to make it to this session were greeted with the most beautitful, kind and loving yogini photographer, Ms. Ashley Paige!! Check out her facebook page and I promise I will be posting photos of the shoot in the near future.

This beautiful photo shoot was complimented with a dinner at our home. It was so nice to see all of our volunteers conversing together and discussing what shelter they work at, why they volunteer and so forth. I wish some of my board members were able to attend – but circumstances proved otherwise this time. Next time, we will ALL be in full swing and I am eagerly anticipating photo shoot number two with the rest of the amazing volunteers we have for Journey to Hope!
The Little Things

Springtime birds, sunlight when I’m waking up, the Journey to Hope Yoga photo shoot, Power Yoga of Cape Cod for allowing us to borrow the space, Ashley Bilodeau,our amazing volunteers, a delicious potluck dinner, my hubby, a yummy cafe for Sunday brunch, sleeping in, cuddling, puppy presents, rain instead of snow, my mom finally going to Florida for a vacation, the AMAZING Crystal Bowls class last night, the full moon and my intentions, channeling my passions, making fruit paste from Crazy Sexy Kitchen (and various other recipes), writing my book, creating video content, The Oscars’ (my little musical heart is STILL doing backflips over some of last nights performances), good music, funny youtube videos, lessons in slowing down, listening to my inner wisdom {especially during mercury retrograde}, The Leap of Faith Kit I’m creating for you all, my daily meditation, YOGA REACHES OUT, assisting in yoga reaches out, creating healthy meal plans and Kundalini this week!
I hope you are counting your blessings today. Remember, Mondays are magical. Let’s take back Monday’s bad rep and remember that we are blessed and we are loved.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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