Magical Mondays

Magical Mondays is back!
Mondays are a beautiful time to reflect, to open our hearts and be grateful. This mornings meditation is all about gratitude and I’m so thankful to be able to share this with you. Monday’s have such a bad reputation so let’s take it back and give it a better name.
Please write some of your gratitude list in the comments below and join me in this movement for Magical Mondays!
This week has been a lot of fun! Dinners with our parents, a day off from work, a snow day, a comedy show and an amazing tarot card reading.
We met my parents and in-laws for dinner last Monday night in the middle of a snowstorm! We had an amazing time (albeit the yucky weather) and I was even inspired by my dinner to re-create a healthier minestrone soup at home for Tuesday night (I adapted mine from the recipe on skinnytaste)! As it was a snow day, I worked from home and made delicious minestrone in the crock pot.
Tuesday was my first day using my brand new home office. The snow day was the perfect opportunity to try out my new desk and have Apollo curled up at my feet while actually being productive! I was so blessed to have him underneath me with my incense burning and creating reports for work. I loved the feeling of being in the comfort of my own home – a nice treat. The only bad news on Tuesday was that while making our delicious minestrone, I sliced my thumb open on a can. It wasn’t anything hubby’s kiss and an iron man band-aid couldn’t fix however! (Superhero band-aids are so much cooler than plain ones and just in case you’re wondering, they help you heal faster).
This weekend we saw one of our favorite comedians, Russell Peters, in Boston and found out that Stephen Lynch is in town soon! The show was hubby’s Christmas gift and I’m so glad he enjoyed it! We then met friends afterwards in the city and had a chance to catch up over drinks.
The Little Things
Mid-week sleepovers with my in-laws, superhero band-aids, indian food leftovers, chocolate almond butter, my first Alex & Ani bracelet (the peace sign!), stocking up on Lush bath products, mermaid colored bubble baths, stocking up on home supplies at Target, working from home, meeting friends in the city, snuggling with our furry babies, fires in the fire place, writing my book and blogs, tarot card readings, friends at jammin’ yoga and social media breaks!
Make a gratitude list and share it! 
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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