Magical Mondays

I sit here writing to you as I am playing fetch with my dog in the living room…puts a new perspective into no throwing balls in the house, eh? 🙂
Magical Mondays, as always are very magical. I have a schedule change this morning, which is keeping things fresh, a vet appointment to see if Apollo is getting bigger & a date with a friend. Lovely day ahead of us – plus it’s beach weather! I will be teaching in a new green tank, so come and play with me on your mat if you live in the Cape.
This past week I took three yoga classes, went to the gym, and made some delicious dishes for the hubby and I. One was an Indian/Mexican twist on curry…I’ll post the recipe soon if you’d like! Very spicy & delicious!
Little things which make me smile:
Going to the mall with hubby, learning to play video games, playing with Apollo, cuddling with Digger, the flowers & organic soup hubby bought me while I was sick yesterday (!), tarot card readings, taking care of myself, taking care of hubby, attempts at juice fasting, my ESL students and their dreams, new Grey’s episodes, my mom & grandma, Apollo’s 1st day @ doggy day care, shopping, relaxing & generally creating an amazing life.
The week ahead is full of subbing classes, taking care of myself (and hubby taking care of me last night by getting me flowers & cuddling while I felt run down and sniffly!), lunch dates, powerful brainstroming, rearranging of schedules and surprises!
What is YOUR week full of? How did you surprise yourself last week? Start thinking of all the magical things that happen in your life, and begin to count your blessings. It makes life so much more fun & special.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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