Magical Mondays

Even though the Super Bowl didn’t turn out as we would hope….this Monday is just as magical as any other.
This past week we had so many wonderful things happen for us!!! Our benefit class was AMAZING on Friday. We had 11 people & barely fit into the room. It was so wonderful to have such amazing & faithful supporters. I am truly blessed.
The fundraising of this benefit was especially important because we hired a lawyer last week. We now have (almost) the full payment for our payment plans! We will be incorporated by the state by the end of the week & we received our checks, stamp & deposit slips in the mail!! We truly are up & coming.
On Tuesday, we started at The Champ House. What a wonderful group of individuals. They were kind, lovely & willing to TRY. That’s all I ever hope for 🙂
On a personal side: I started teaching English as a second language at the Cape Cod Community College, finished season 4 of nip/tuck with hubby, SAW MY MOM for the entire weekend, found new work shirts, started planning a surprise, watched the superbowl, saw my in-laws & had delicious Indian food packed into our fridge for (at least) a week, cleaned!!, & taught a million classes.
It was a great week & can only get better. What lies ahead: teaching my oldchurch youth group about yoga, a benefit fundraiser for Sassy Yogini & Yoga Reaches Out, getting an INTERN for Journey to Hope, meeting up with friends, season 5 of nip/tuck & walks on the beach 🙂
I hope your week is full of yoga, fun & love!!!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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