Magical Mondays…a day late!

What an amazing week!! Sorry this post is a day delayed, but the weekend was so full of fun and adventure that I needed a day to rest.
The most important & exciting aspect of the weekend was our very first teacher training. We held our teacher training at the West Dennis Library on Saturday and it was amazing! All 7 of our new volunteers are well on their way to being ready to teach in our new facilities in January. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have such an amazing group of women by my side as we expand further into Cape Cod!
The following day was our 2nd benefit class at mid-cape racquet & tennis club! We raised over $60 and were so excited to see Journey to Hope students join us at the event!!!
In my personal life, I was able to DJ two yogi events this past week and took my birthday cooking class with my mom. We had an absolute blast!! I learned how to roll a Buche du Noelle and the owner of the space told my mom & I that it was the best one he had had in eight years!! Such a wonderful experience learning how to make roast potatoes, veggies, crown pork roast, beef wellington & buche du noelle. Yumm-o!!!
Today has already been full of a water aerobics class, yoga & lots of teaching! Getting stronger and healthier by the day – and so excited to share each moment with you as you learn to take care of yourself as well. It is such a joy to watch people and help lead them towards their own versions of health & wellness.
What is your favorite form of exercise? Other than yoga of course!
Please keep posted, as we are going to have another benefit class on January 4thand would love, love, love to see more faces in the crowd. The next class is atThe Yoga Shack in Marston Mills, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be invited into this brand new space!
I cannot believe this holiday season is already upon us. Please do your best to stay healthy! Move your body, eat what feels best for YOU and have a ball enjoying quality time with your family & friends.
How has your week been magical? I would love to hear the things you love, or the adventures you’ve had this past week!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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