Magical Mondays: Ambassador, Music + Love

Oh me oh my! I cannot believe I didn’t write anything last week, but I was so overwhelmed with love and the art of being constantly busy that I just couldn’t find the time or the words to form what I wanted to say.

First of all, Lululemon Lynnfield asked me to be their ambassador!!!!!!!!!

It was so overwhelmingly beautiful and I kind of felt as though I was being proposed to!! I’m so excited and cannot wait to step into this role in the community and to play with these beautiful lemons over the next few years. I love Lulu anyway and being asked to be their ambassador was an honor. I cannot wait to see what we do together!!

The very next day, I completed my Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer course and officially became a crystal healer. It is so magical and all of it had me quite high last week. The reiki circle last night was a culmination of all this beautiful energy and I was honored to be one of the reiki practitioners for it. I cannot wait to see what all of this magic brings as I know I am on another beautiful path with an OMazing tribe. Such joy!

On top of my own personal highs, Zyan had a few himself. We went to our regular music class with friends and on Friday morning we went to storytelling music at the library and had pizza with even more friends. I am so in love with the woman and babies I’ve met in the last few months and am beyond grateful to know them. It’s so helpful to know there are people in this world who are going through the same things you are: teething, working as a mama, creating a healthy and fun life for your child, sleep habits and so much more. I am excited to be forming these friendships and happy Zyan has a few little friends!!

As with all highs, there were a handful of lows. My baby brother was in the hospital for a few nights and had his appendix removed. Of course I did what I do best and snuck a little frankincense on him prior to surgery (he was not all that impressed, but I felt better knowing I was sending extra blessings) and I snuck crystals into the hospital to add extra healing energy and vibration. Plus Zyan and I got to hang out with my momma and keep her company all day and play Uno & Mad Libs with Uncle Doodle, so it wasn’t all that bad once he was out of surgery. He’s home and we’ll be cuddling him later!!

Magical Mondays: Music + Ambassador

The Little Things

Coffee with yoga friends + babies, crystal hunting with Zyan, reiki circle, expansion, love, music class, new mama friends, baby Tylenol/Sophie the giraffe and lots of cuddles for teething, knowing my body well enough to know when I need rest, trips to BJs with Ziggy,working out, continuing my sadhana, my cousins being my best friends, community, growing classes & changing schedules, knowing when it’s time to shake things up, teaching more, reading delicious books, my new dreamcatcher & so much more!!

Here’s to hoping your Monday is Magical!!

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