Magical Mondays: Apollo’s Anniversary & I’m HOME!

Today I am so grateful for a big huge list of things, but the two most important are being home with my husband and our furry babies, and today is Apollo’s anniversary!
We have had our puppy boy for a whole year today and it has been the best adventure and experience a girl could ask for. I count him in my blessings everyday. Although it has taken Digger a long time to accept him as a brother, I now find the sneak cuddling sometimes when we come home from work! They are slowly becoming friends – kinda.
Apollo woke us up this morning with his usual litany of kisses and his sweet smelly breath greeting. I love him so much and we couldn’t be more blessed to have this little rescue in our lives. Our bonsai lab/rescue/hound/pointer puppy is just perfect no matter what his background. Tomorrow is his one-year rabies shot appointment and we will find out if he’s grown!
Hidden Bistro Wall
Today is a very magical Monday indeed – I AM HOME! I was so excited to step off the airplane that I didn’t even mind the 2.5 feet of snow that greeted my return. I was stuck in Austin this week at a conference for work and was literally snowed out of my own city. I missed my family so much and wanted nothing more than to be home and cuddle.
Nadia & I at the Capital Building
Fortunately, however, I took the yogi approach and discovered why I was supposed to be in Austin. I went shopping with a few girlfriends who were also stuck, went to Ester Follies (and got pulled up on stage!), discovered 6th street, went to yoga at Wanderlust Live, drank smoothies, went to the state capital and ate brunch in a hidden cafe bistro with Nadia.
Inside the Capital Building, Austin TX
I had such a blast while I was there for the weekend and it was much warmer in Austin than Boston so I cannot complain. The best part of the trip was on the way home. I love landing into Logan Airport as it looks as though you are going to be crashing into the ocean and yet you land beautifully on a runway surrounded it instead. I was sitting next to a nervous flyer and taught him how to breathe using ujjai breath and asking him to meditate – and he said for the first time he really saw the way we landed and felt much calmer. I loved being able to help him feel better on the way home and loved landing in my city!
Hubby and I had a bit of a lazy morning as I’m working from home and awaiting another big meeting. It felt so nice to be snuggled up and loving my family.
Enjoying the hidden bistro
This past week was full of traveling, trying to stay healthy on a business trip, walking, fun nights with friends, yoga and a lot of busy. I am grateful for the week ahead in my own studios with a much calmer pace and am certainly looking forward to Valentine’s Day & Kundalini yoga this week!
The Little Things
Uncommon Objects on South Congress Street, Kendra Scott jewelry, walking all around Austin, petting rescue puppies on the street, amazing desserts, eating flowers, texmex everywhere, Jackalope’s, being a magicians assistant at Ester Follies, experiencing Mardi Gras for 10 minutes, finding yoga & smoothies, healthy food trucks, little Eiffel Towers, having dinner with my Norwegian boss while being snowed out of Boston, calling hubby everyday, picture updates of Apollo, Digger & the Blizzard of 2013, not having to shovel any of the storm, working from home today, the joy of cuddling when arriving home and being able to finally snuggle next to my love last night!
Here’s to hoping you had an amazing week and an even better Monday. Stay safe in the snow if you’re in New England.
Sending love & positivity. 

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle. 



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