Magical Mondays: Back in Action

This past week on my Facebook page, I proclaimed I wanted to bring back Magical Monday’s to the blog. With pregnancy brain/writer’s block taking a nice seat in my court these last few months, it feelsĀ divine to get back into the swing of things… and honestly it reminds me what day it is as a new momma!

This week as with most of my weeks, was such an incredible blessing. Sure there are moments when there’s maple syrup on the couch, a screaming baby on my hip and a messy floor – but it’s the joy of those moments and the spaces between that keeps my going with a huge smile on my face.

This past week we celebrated Zyan’s Hindu blessing and learned that his ruling planet was Jupiter. The priest laughed as he told us Jupiter is the planet of intelligence and he shall be a doctor (but of course). It was a very long ceremony full of tradition, Sanskrit and lots of love. As tired as hubby & I were, it was amazing and I can’t wait until November for his baptism! This kid is going to have a million and one blessings from everywhere and everyone – how wonderful is that?

Yesterday, on top of the blessing, I went back to work! It was amazing and totally blissful to grab a cup of coffee by my lonesome and then bring my pent up love & joy onto the mat and into the studio. The autumn equinox is one of my favorite workshops to teach and with all this love Zyan has instilled in me in these last four weeks(!!), it was nothing short of ecstasy.

zyan 155

The Little Things

Meeting with friends for coffee, Mommy & Me dates (with a party crasher), my mother in-law coming over so I can take naps mid-day and she can play with Ziggy, lattes, new moms group, baby & me music class, planning my Cape trip and other maternity leave adventures, new people signing up for the RYT, no more writers block, fitting into my first pair of maternity jeans this morning, walking to the grocery store for healthy treats (which sneaks in 3 miles of walking and an errand while the nugget sleeps), my husband’s patience and love through my “4th trimester” hormones, Apollo being the best furry brother anyone could have, Hindu blessings, my mom trying to repeat Sanskrit at the blessing, delicious food, beautiful gifts from friends, nursing with my little, going to the pediatrician today to find out his weight and Zyan. My whole world has changed in this past month and that will always be a “little thing” mixed in my big huge world of love and gratitude.

What areĀ YOU grateful for today?

Leave a comment below with a little (or a lot) of your gratitude list and let’s keep this train going.

Love you all lots soul warriors!


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