Magical Monday’s: Back to Work!


Today was beyond blissful and magical… I went back to work! Walking back into the shala tonight felt like I was walking back home. It was divine to see all of my regular students and meet so many new, beautiful faces. I am shining from the inside out and couldn’t be happier to be back to teaching regularly.

Leaving Zyan was easy as pie, knowing my family was watching him! My dad got him a brand new “grandparents house” stroller, my brother wouldn’t give him back when I came to pick him up and my mom texted me a half hour after I left to tell me how much she missed him. I have to say, going back to work is such a huge blessing as I know my little man is being loved on by family while this mama has time to be with her students and on the mat.

Open Heart October kicked off this week at the shala and it brought me so much joy walking into work today and seeing the poster with everyone’s name on it! I cannot wait to see who completes this challenge and love that everyone is tracking their gratitude daily!! Remember to also use the hashtags #OpenHeartOctober and #OHOBYS online in order for myself and our teachers to see what you’re up to.

This past week was beautiful. Ziggy came to work on Wednesday night while we made gratitude jars with Wholefoods and he got to meet many students. He also met a lot of friends and family at my brother’s graduation party and a friends baby shower. We did lots of socializing this week and mommy even got to be on her own mat as a student!


The Little Things

Ziggy met so many new friends and family members, our amazing family (I honestly don’t know how people raise children without a village), cappuccinos, combining business meetings with socializing, coffee with my shala girls, my new website template and changes coming soon, donating 4 huge bags to Goodwill, creating new workshops for fall and winter, integrating new oils (and waiting on a shipment!!), Aden and Anais swaddles, awesome articles on meditation, new clothes for the whole family, writing thank you notes and receiving snail mail, bath time with Ziggy-love and making time to workout.

I am counting my blessings before I fall asleep and hope you’re counting yours as well! Sending you so much love and good vibes.

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!

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