Magical Mondays! Blessed.

Team PYCC - photo courtesy of Lucie BrackettTeam PYCC – photo courtesy of Lucie Brackett
I am beyond inspired! Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon yesterday was amazing. My body feels really great and I am blessed to have practiced yoga with such beautiful & kind teachers and participants while raising $400,000 for Children’s Hospital Boston and Yoga Africa Project. I know that with this joint collaboration, anything is possible. I am so inspired with Journey to Hope ideas, brainstorming and love!
This past week was full of love, fun dates and new ambition. I went to more yoga classes than I typically do and my body is starting to feel much better – I am much more in touch with my practice! I feel so alive!! Now, I can work on my 5k challenge and begin getting over my fear and strong disdain of running. I am also working on health and eating a LOT this week. I feel a juice cleanse coming on!
Meredyth & I @ Yoga Reaches Out
Jalapeno Margarita
Henna Tattoo from YRO
Hubby & I date night. Close-up :)
The hubby & I finally found real Mexican food on Cape Cod! Andale Cafe. What a yummy and cute place. It was delicious and I even had a jalapeno margarita – delicious! We also saw the Avengers. I have a huge girly crush on “Thor” (Chris Hemsworth) and loved every minute of it. They did such a great job with the characters and collaboration of the super heroes. We are planning on seeing it again this week!
Little things: getting back into scrapbooking, beach walking, seeing my mom and grandma, my new green summer tote bag (!), dropping fun clues to the little one about the surprise trip, yoga sequence planning, paddle board research, Ana Forest’s Book (!), hot chocolate from Nedpie, Apollo’s first night on the boat, re-doing my website, Grey’s Anatomy episodes…. and Once Upon a Time (Oh, My!), clean house, trip planning, henna tattoos, house dreaming, yogathon & much more.
The week to come is full of girly dates, church sing sessions, mother’s day workshop, more beach, retreat brainstorming, fundraising & senior council meetings. I can hardly wait!
Hold onto the little things. Something as simple as a friend making you hot chocolate, or cuddling with a loved one! Smile at strangers and always wave back, even to the people you don’t know.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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