Magical Mondays: Cafes & Bar Harbor

Today I’m writing this article to you as I sit at Ride Studio Cafe. Ziggy is by my side in his stroller talking to himself as we make googley eyes at one another and I sip my divine coffee and answer emails. I can’t tell you the joy this brings me in so many ways, it literally lights me up from the inside out.

Girlboss style in a cafe with baby

This weekend was a beautiful weekend away in the trenches of fall foliage up in Bar Harbor. My husband decided to take me away for our anniversary and we left Zyan with our amazing family. I had such a beautiful adventure and even slept for 7+ hours in a row (woo hoo!). We shopped, laughed, drank and ate way too much food. The universe was on our side the whole weekend, as we found ourselves in many situations where we were ‘supposed’ to do something and were guided towards an entirely different adventure. The weekend itself was supposed to be in a different location, but we just rolled with it and created a divinely romantic and fun weekend away!

Hubby and I at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine during October fall foliage

It was exactly what we needed and the moment I came home, I ran back into my baby’s arms as we snuggled all night, refusing to get out of bed until 11:00am. IMG_6980

As I mentioned in this past weeks article about balance, it’s all a constant juggling act. The space we needed to be a couple, the simple ecstasy of a jalapeño margarita for the first time in a year and our big snuggle session last night all culminated into my perfect weekend transition to Monday.

Life is so magical and if we open our eyes wide enough we can see each molecule of magical. Happy Monday Yogis!

The Little Things

Shopping at the outlets, hubby helping write yelp reviews, delicious local faire, spicy margaritas, learning about Acadia National Park on a heated trolley, the universe always being on our side, live music, delicious everything everywhere we went, fall foliage, ocean views & yoga poses on giant rocks, long drives full of comedians and adult conversation, being back at new moms group last week and sharing birth stories, hanging out with friends from old jobs and taking fun photos, long walks outside in the crisp air, private lessons at the shala, personal training abs & arms week with Kendra, hanging with my gram, bringing Zyan to business meetings to cuddle, getting our new shirts for Barefoot, coordinating with wellness professionals (OMG YES!!) and Zyan turning 2 months old.

This week was magical in every way and I really set my intention towards balance. What a beautiful mixture I created!!

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!
Love you lots yogis.

1 thought on “Magical Mondays: Cafes & Bar Harbor

  1. Steph & Craig

    Love this! So glad you and Karthik had a great anniversary weekend. Jalapeño margaritas?! Si, por favor!

    Zyan’s eyes are so expressive – what a sweetie!

    Missing you and the shala community and our practice while we are away. See you in 2 weeks! Much love from Ecuador!!!


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