Magical Mondays: Fierce Dedication

I recently saw a Soul Pancake video on gratitude…. which is not only an amazing video (and worth every moment of those 7 minutes), but it also “justifies” my Magical Monday’s. It claims that proclaiming your gratitude out loud makes you a happier person.

Seriously, go watch the video now! {Go, go… I’ll be right here when you get back waiting for you to finish reading}.

My life wouldn’t be what it is today without my constant ramblings of how blessed I am each day (and publicly each week). I am blessed with the most amazing family that a girl could come from, a beautiful family I’ve created with my best friend and some of the best friends a person could love. Top that off with being able to do what I love every single day: I’d say I’m certainly a blessed lady.

This week was total proof of that, and specifically this weekend….

On Friday, I had my last day of work at itslearning. I said goodbye to some of my work friends and see you later to one of my favorite people in the world. I returned my computer and handed in my key. It felt so surreal, just like “I’ll see you on Monday” except Monday is never and I’m working in my office right now (curled up with Apollo, my blanket and a cup of hot chocolate—YUM)). It’s strange to think that I won’t be seeing these people on a daily basis, hearing the office stories and working on a great product each day. But the thing is, it was a mixed bag of emotions. I learned a LOT working there (more on that to come this week), I traveled internationally & domestically, I made many friends & had amazing experiences. I was able to pay for B-school & my yoga teacher training. A co-worker told me that she was always happy when she left a job on her own dime and didn’t quite understand my mixed bag: and yes, I am happy! However, I take everything into account and on my last day I was appreciative, thankful, a little bit sad and very happy. As I walked out, I realized this year I made a lifelong friend, had some grand adventures & learned more than I could’ve ever known sitting at home writing for you all.

NOW I’m ready! I don’t know where Karthik & I are going, or where we will live or what will happen next: but I’m excited. I’m scared but very blessed and I just know that taking a leap of faith and leaving not only corporate but also the studio was the best choice. I can sub (and in fact I am today!!!), but having something consistent in our unpredictable world for the next few months doesn’t make sense.

This gives me the biggest blessing and nod of gratitude this week: I’m working from home on my own projects and creating my own business!! I’m re-organizing Journey to Hope & re-vamping EVERYTHING. I’m re-launching The Ahimsa Project on my birthday, creating a fun challenge with my girlfriend Rhia & a beautiful retreat, I’m writing content & re-taking B school. I’m a busy lady and couldn’t be any happier!!!! What a blessing to begin working full time on something I am so passionate about.

Friday night, after my mixed bag of emotions day: I ran home to pick up my mom & grandma for a night out. We went to the Michael Buble concert which was so magical. We met up with my college friend Leisl, her husband and their entire family (!!!). It was really yummy, fast and a nice check-in with a good friend before the show. THEN we went into the concert and realized just how close we were…. and I almost died. I was squealing like a little girl the whole night, holding my gram’s hand and singing along to every song. He sang my favorite song first and finished by taking off his ear pieces, moving away from his microphone and singing for the whole garden to hear him …. with NOTHING. No instruments and no equipment. Just Michael. Talk about blown away.


Mom, Gram & I @ the garden for Michael Buble!

The evening ended with me curled up next to hubby & Apollo at 2:00am after much driving. I am NEVER up that late, but it allowed me to not feel guilty sleeping in on Saturday. We made brunch and then got ready a beautiful, special & home-y wedding. Sarah & Dan got married at Sarah’s parents home & had their reception in the barn. One of the things the officiant kept saying was “fierce dedication to family” and it resonated deeply. That’s what Karthik & I have is a hugely fierce dedication to family. Their wedding could not have been more perfect: a cute popcorn machine for Dan, delicious food, blankets laid on hay stacks for seats, great friends, good booze and the best DJ I know (my dad!!!). It was a perfect picture of what a wedding and the beginning of a marriage should look like.

Throughout the evening, not only was I excited to see Sarah & Dan get married but it was great to reconnect with all our friends. Molly & Keegan have literally been there in every step of my life and since moving to the Cape I’ve missed them more than they could know. I am so happy we got to spend some time together, and that we got to connect with the rest of there friends who I just LOVE (Hi Jackie!! and Brandy, Brittney…. and all your hubby’s).

It was another 2:00am evening and another excuse to sleep in, which is exactly what hubby & I did!! We got up (eventually) and made our way to the Live, Love, Local festival. We ate a nice lunch, napped and ventured out yet again for a bonfire birthday with one of the best birthday girls I know. We snuggled up next to our friends and our dogs, sitting around a bonfire on the beach eating a veggie potluck and drinking Octoberfest & margarita juice boxes. I’m 100% certain my weekend couldn’t have been topped off in a better way.

SOOOOOOO, how was YOUR weekend? Your week? The week ahead of you? What is it that is living you in shivers of excitement?

Please leave a comment below with your own gratitude and blessings.

Sending you so much love, light & happiness.

With fierce dedication,


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  1. Jenny R Post author

    Thanks so much Yasmine!! I’m super excited about it. Let me know if you’re interested in it when it launches in November. Would love to have you.


    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks so much Helene 🙂 I can’t wait to see either, but I know I’m excited… and working hard this morning and last week. xxo


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