Magical Mondays: Goal Check-in!

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a Magical Monday post and I felt it was time to get back into the rhythm. I list my gratitude daily via notebooks and conversations with friends, but there is something so soothing about sharing it here. It somehow feels more real. As much as I loved Free Love Fridays, it just didn’t have the same appeal. I love the idea of ripping the band-aid off a new week and jumping into Monday with loving arms and happy thoughts!

This week I’m feeling gratitude because I have begun to think about my final goal check-in. Granted the new year isn’t quite yet and I do have a few more weeks to get some things done prior to the end of the year, but today seemed like a great day to check in!

My words this year, if you remember from this post (or this post) were Strength, Abundance & Love. I do believe I have stepped into these words fully. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle, strengthened my inner self, opened my own business and created an even more loving environment for myself and my family. I would say I was on target with these words and am excited to explore the next two weeks to see which words will pop up for 2015!

My year’s goals are as follows:

1. Finish my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training — I’m not crossing this off yet, but it will be complete before 2015!

2. Complete my Reiki Certification 1.12.14 COMPLETE! ….. 6.22.14 Reiki 2 COMPLETE!

3. Complete my Thai Massage Certification

4. GO TO INDIA!! November 5th-25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our magical Ganesha Temple Elephant
Our magical Ganesha Temple Elephant

5. Host a (few) successful yoga retreat(s)

6. Write for Huffington Post and/or Daily Love — This year I truly branched out with my writing. I started with Boho Daily from Tiny Devotions and wrote several articles with them over the course of this year. I also write regularly for Activewear USA and as of November I was published in the Huffington Post!!!! You can see both my articles here and here.

7. Embrace my style I definitely embraced my style and began to come into my own. I used Stitch Fix a lot, which I LOVE. You should totally sign up here!

8. 15 Mani/Pedis — IIII IIIII II — I was very close. I have a few weeks left to get 3 more!

9. Monthly Massages — Okay I was not good here. I received about 5 massages this year… I should have done more!

10. Scuba Dive!! 3.5 – 3.10.14 — we did 7 dives in 2 days in the Florida Keys and I saw my spirit animal… another octopus… I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

11. Host a Diwali Party — I wish we did this one, but with going to India so close to Diwali we never got ourselves in line to do the party. Next year we shall, we promise!!

12. Take a trip with friends

13. Create a new tradition — Yes and Yes!! I started attending a new church and have been doing new moon ceremonies each month.

14. More time in Wolfeboro!!! — We spent more time in Wolfeboro this year than we have in the last 3 years, so yes I definitely checked this off my list!

15. Ambassador for a yoga product — I became an ambassador for a jewelry line called Shop Compliment and wrote many sponsored posts. Still working on becoming an ambassador for a yoga product specifically.

16. Begin writing my book — I started in September. Very slowly, very surely.

17. Go to a place I have never beenPittsfield, VT ~ INDIA ~

18. DJ more often! — I only DJed three times this year.

19. Read more for FUN!! (Non-yoga/business books ~ even though those are fun, try new books) — Heck yes… library, book club, nerdy friends. Check, check, check.

20. Find the perfect home Moved into our #ravikumarden on June 1st!!

21. Meditate daily – Uh, nope. Need to work on my own meditation practice.

22. Try something on Pinterest monthly — Yes! Yummy new recipes, a few styles ideas for my Stitch Fix account and a lot of yoga inspiration. I definitely used pinterest at least monthly.

23. Eat more fish & veggies — I did pretty well here. Fish is not always my forte (unless it’s sushi), but I made an effort and when we were in India we ate a lot of fish and veggies!!

24. More green smoothies & tea!

25. Scrapbook our wedding album (and the 3 years since our wedding) — Perhaps this will get done before Christmas?!

26. Use my DSLR Camera More – Hubby bought me a wireless card for my DSLR and I’ve been using it like crazy!!

27. Buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer for my mom — Not this year…

28. Try new forms of exercise — Walking more, Tone it Up videos

29. Write more love letters (handwritten notes sent to friends & family) — SO many love letters!

30. Speak at an event!

31. Take a sushi making class

32. Go horseback riding 6.12.14 — Stowe Mountain Retreat for Yoga Reaches Out

Magical Mondays: Goal Setting

I’m so grateful to do this each year as I connect and re-connect to my intentions and goals throughout the year. I love sitting down and not only looking to the future at the end of a year, but also to look behind me and see how far I’ve come.

This year I have opened a yoga studio, began writing for profit, established relationships with OMazing companies I’m proud to represent, went to India which is a country I have been craving and wanting for over 5 years and finalized the requirements for my 500 hour teacher training. It was a really great year and I’m so thankful to be in this present moment both looking forward and looking back.


For today’s Magical Monday I want to leave you with the little things I’m grateful for!!!

The Little Things

Writing Magical Monday’s again, my mom & dad both in yoga this week, spending time with my husband and our puppy boy Apollo, Apollo’s holiday card from daycare, my new cappuccino foamer for homemade lattes, Jacqui Bonwell at the Shala (!!), Telling a student about India and crying, my new singing bowl, making my own chex mix, the promise of a Christmas movie marathon with my doodle next week, being published in the Huffington Post (again), buying our new tree, applying for a freelance writing position, new students walking through the shala’s front doors, the promise of January and the new moon, gratitude from my family across the ocean, traditions, grocery store playtime with my mom and lots of love, always.

Get out there – do yoga and make life sparkle!

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