Magical Mondays: Goddess Chakra Love

This morning I awoke after a very long night with Zyan and decided to down a delicious detoxifying lemon, mango & cayenne smoothie for energy. I was feeling bloated and exhausted after a long weekend of delicious Indian food and a grouchy baby. After my nutritious and delicious smoothie and all of our supplements, we were ready to tackle the day. Unfortunately our day included 6 month visit shots.

After my OMazing workshop yesterday morning with Jacqui Bonwell I felt as though I could conquer the shots and my day ahead {even on limited sleep}. Jacqui is one of my favorite teachers and she brought her A game as usual to this workshop. It was her signature chakra cleanse which brought out a lot of emotion. I was able to let go of some emotional trauma I no longer needed, forgive someone and become more connected to the workshop I’m creating on Goddesses. All day I felt the Goddess energy within me and knew that this morning I could conquer our day as I do feel the Goddess mama energy within. Fire for protection of my baby and lots of love for him as well. It is sure to be (and already has been) a wonderful day!

Aside from my moments of Goddess energy and chakra clearing, this weekend brought bundles of celebration! A date night for hubby and I (side note: if you don’t mind dirty and love Marvel then get your booty to see Deadpool!!), new parents weekend group where Karthik finally met other daddy’s and an Indian baby shower full of house music and a wishing tree.

This past week was full of hugely delicious highs and a lot of family time. After my car decided not to work last Monday I got to spend a few days with my mom and brother. Then I was off to my Lululemon Ambassador on boarding training which was inspiring, beautiful and brought up brand new goals and ideas I want to create in my life!! With today’s full moon energy I’m going to let go of a few ideas that no longer serve me as I step into these new goals with love and creation. I can’t wait!!

The Little Things

Lululemon ambassador training at PLAY Yoga, meeting new ambassador friends, Beyonce meditations, creating new goals, a new Goddess workshop brewing in my mind, delicious Indian food, an Indian baby shower, wearing my pink sari (finally!!), Zyan being healthy and growing into his new big boy clothes, Zyan’s new developments everyday (hello sitting up alone!!), my doctor complimenting me on being a good mama, date nights, essential oil recipes, my new pink lulu mat, Deadpool (SOOOO FUNNY!), feeling balanced, finishing Soul of an Octopus and our aquarium adventure coming up on Friday, my doctor wanting to come to yoga, new parents group, watching hubby be so proud to be Zyan’s daddy, a busy March ahead, working with like minds in the writing industry, trying new coffee styles, spring feelings sneaking into play, reading the yoga sutras every morning while Zyan plays and lots of reading, cuddling & kissing.

Sending you so much love & light and wishing you a million blessings!
Count your blessings every day and leave your favorite moments in the comments below.

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!

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