Magical Mondays: I went swimming!

Love Bread @ PB’s in Eastham

I am often in complete awe of my life. I am so beyond blessed to live the life I have been given and am utterly grateful everyday!
This week was great and yet completely insane. It was full of travel, living out of a suitcase, new friends, wearing my bathing suit (!!) and completely exhausting in a very fun way!
Monday brought all of our sales reps into town (from all across the US) and we jumped straight into work. We worked our little behinds off, met the new reps and then had a delicious dinner at The Waterfront (yummy)!
Tuesday morning came early and we were off on a musical carpool adventure. It was so nice spending four hours in a car with Lauren & Nadia (whom I see everyday) and Ms. Jennifer, who was visiting from Texas! We had an ipod war, some lovely chit chat & watched beautiful Mountain scenery unfold around us as we approached Loon Mountain — and Jennifer’s first time to NH. As someone who has a summer home on Lake Wentworth, it’s hard to believe one has never seen the beauty of NH, but our Texan was just smitten & loved the views. I was so excited to point out some of my favorite haunts along the way & introduce Ms. Jennifer into New Hampshire!
When we arrived at the Mountain, we proceeded to work late into the evening before signing off for some dinner & karaoke. It was such a fun evening. I was super excited that EVERYONE got up to sing at least one song (individually or in groups) and especially excited that all the new folks were not only joining in but also super excited and eager to sing! I love karaoke and am 100% positive it is the best way to build teamwork & learn something about everyone. What a great night!
The next day most folks went skiing while I took an aqua fitness class, sank into the spa, got a surprise last-minute massage & a barbie pink pedicure!
Another (philisophical) carpool home, two work days & jammin yoga – all lead to my staycation with hubby! We drove a half hour south, ate way too much food, swam for hours & relaxed in the hot tub. It was the perfect way to unwind! As I was (and am) a wee bit under the weather with the changing of the seasons, it was such a blessing to do NOTHING for a few hours and completely relax with my hubby!! I love him so so much!
The kicker to my already amazing week was the benefit class held yesterday for Journey to Hope. We raised almost $200 for our non profit organization & I will be skipping to the bank this afternoon. I am so grateful for each of you who come out & support us — always! I greatly appreciate everything you all do in terms of sending love, energy & light as well as donating your funds, time & energy to us. It means SO much and helps us continue the work we do!
The Little Things
Raising money for Journey to Hope (not little – but MUCH appreciated), good news for the Journey to Hope future, watching 300 in bed with chocolate pie, catching the AMCs last night, barbie pink pedicures, a surprise massage, South African food, karaoke, meeting new team members and forming instant friendships, Ms. Knighton being in town (!!), eating way too much all week (and having a food plan for this week so as to get back on track), finding an octopus in the bathroom, The Ahimsa Project in final stages, my new website being approved & almost complete, good friends, chai lattes, snuggles & life in general!
The octopus I found in the bathroom!
How are you celebrating Monday? What are you grateful for this week?
Sending you love & light!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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